Pepsi-Flavored Potato Chips Are a Thing That Exists – But Only in China

Photo credit: PepsiCo

Potato chips and soda. The two staples of every kid’s birthday party. Quite frankly, two of the most delicious achievements in human history. Two products that are perfect companions, but that have never truly combined forces to create the ultimate snacking creation.

Until now.

It is with tremendous excitement that I can reveal to you that Pepsi-flavored potato chips are now a thing that exists. They’re produced by Lay’s (which is owned by PepsiCo) and, again, they are real.

Sadly, though, you won’t see Pepsi chips on the shelves in your local supermarket any time soon. For now, they’re exclusive to the land of many other bizarre junk food products, China.

The flavor actually makes a bit more sense for Chinese consumers than it does for Americans, because cola chicken is a popular dish over there. Cooks mix cola with soy sauce and spices, and use the mixture to marinate chicken. The end result is said to taste quite a bit like what we think of as normal BBQ chicken, just a bit sweeter. The Lay’s Pepsi chips also have some chicken flavoring in the mix, so they really aren’t all that different from the “sweet BBQ” snacks we have on this side of the world.

Still confused? Watch this commercial and everything will make more sense… maybe:

Interestingly, Pepsi-chicken is arguably one of the least bizarre flavors introduced by Lay’s to the Chinese market in recent years — past chip varieties have included cucumber and lemon tea.

Reviews of the new flavor have been mixed, with some consumers even noting that they don’t taste enough like Pepsi, so it’s unlikely that we’re going to see the product for sale in North America any time soon.

We can still dream, though.

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