Mysterious Package For Indiana Jones Arrives at Chicago University

Indiana Jones University of Chicago

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Paging Dr. Jones — Dr. Indiana Jones. You’ve got mail.

The University of Chicago’s admissions department received a package yesterday that seemed normal at first glance, until someone realized it was addressed to a certain adventurous, bullwhip-toting archeologist.

University of Chicago Indiana Jones

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That alone wouldn’t be terribly exciting, but the package turned out to be a Pandora’s box of meticulously prepared amazingness.

Along with being covered in vintage-looking postage stamps (probably photocopied, but still), the parcel contained what appears to be journal of Dr. Abner Ravenwood — the fictional Egyptologist who was Indy’s mentor, obsessed with discovering the lost Ark of the Covenant.

Also included in the package: some old-looking replica money and photos of Marion Ravenwood, the late professor’s daughter and femme fatale of Indiana’s quest to find the Ark.

The staff at the UChicago admissions department figure someone must have bought the diary and other movie props from eBay, and spent quite a lot of time preparing the package.

To the mysterious person or persons who assembled and sent the package, the admissions staff posed one question on their blog that gets straight to the heart of the matter:

“Why so awesome?”

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3 Responses to Mysterious Package For Indiana Jones Arrives at Chicago University

  1. Isn’t there another Indiana Jones movie coming out? Seeing this, my bet is yes. Seems like an (awesome) publicity stunt.

    • James Sheldon
      James Sheldon says:

      I would have to agree. The peeps at Paramount marketing are quite brilliant when it comes to a flagship. Regardless of who… Well played!

  2. I had to send it somewhere they are catching up