Mexican Drug Smugglers Are Now Using Cannons to Fire Weed Into the U.S.

Photo credit: Reuters

You have to hand it to drug smugglers — they’re some of the most resourceful and creative people on the planet. Long gone are the days of stuffing small baggies of cocaine up human rectums, at least for large-scale drug smuggling operations. In recent years, border patrol agents have busted smugglers trying to enter the country with drugs concealed inside fake cans of vegetables, fake lollipops and even fake Viagra pills.

When drug smugglers get tired of trying to hide their product inside things they can travel with, they dream up ways to send the drugs on a solo journey. They’ve strapped small backpacks of drugs to carrier pigeons, surgically implanted illicit substances inside live turkeys and created makeshift trebuchets to attempt to fling contraband over border walls.

Now, some of Mexico’s finest drug smugglers are getting medieval in their dope delivery methods. Last Friday, U.S. authorities found 33 cans of marijuana in a field near where the Colorado River crosses the border with Mexico. They say that the drugs were launched into the U.S. by a cannon.

A freaking cannon! Awesome.

Next to the 85 pounds of pot (street value: about $42,000), agents found a carbon dioxide tank, which revealed the method of delivery. Authorities on the Mexican side of the border were instructed to be on the lookout for more cannons.

It’s unclear why the smugglers on the U.S. side of the border failed to pick up their cannon fodder before it was discovered by authorities, but perhaps all the brains of the operation were funneled into the cannon-building team.

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