Is the iPhone 5S Going to Come in a Rainbow of Different Colors?

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It feels like the iPhone 5 just came out, probably because it literally did just come out (it started shipping back in September in the U.S. and it’s still not out in some countries). So… who wants to talk iPhone 5S rumors?

Apple’s product cycle keeps accelerating and many industry insiders now expect that we’ll see the iPhone 5S by next summer. The phone is expected to be just an iterative update to the iPhone 5 and not a radical new design, much like the iPhone 4S was essentially just an iPhone 4 with better internal specs.

The iPhone 5S, or whatever the phone ends up being called, will surely have a better processor and very likely a better camera, too. It will have a new version of the iPhone operating system, iOS, as well. Beyond that, anyone expecting radical new features is probably going to be disappointed.

There’s one rumor about a new element to the iPhone 5S that will have some Apple customers salivating, however: analyst Peter Misek says that the phone will ship in six to eight colors, rather than just the black and white varieties that previous iPhones have been limited to.

If true, this shouldn’t be a shock to anyone following Apple’s recent product announcements. Back when the iPhone 5 was unveiled, Apple showed off a new line of iPod Touch devices that were available in five different colors:

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Color seems like a logical step for Apple to take with the iPhone, especially considering that many of the company’s competitors, like HTC and Nokia, have recently unveiled Windows Phone 8 devices that traverse the entire spectrum of the rainbow:

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Would the chance to own an iPhone in a color other than black or white be enough to convince you to upgrade to the iPhone 5S? Or would a line of new colors just be window dressing that would only serve to hide the fact that iOS is no longer the cutting-edge operating system it once was?

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