Syrian Tank Is Controlled Via Playstation (VIDEO)

Sham II Syria

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Debate has raged for decades about whether violent video games can be linked to real-life violence.

We now have an answer: yup.

Syrian rebels have apparently constructed a makeshift, Mad Max-ish tank that trundles around and blows stuff up, piloted by a guy using a Playstation controller.

According to an article on Wired, the tank is part of an ever-expanding arsenal of DIY battle machines that provide rebels with unprecedented bang for the buck.

Playstation tank

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The tank, called a Sham II (not because it’s phony, but because Sham is the ancient name of Syria), is outfitted with a big, nasty machine gun and multiple cameras controlled by an operator clutching a Playstation controller.

Call it the world’s most realistic first-person shooter.

Although the homemade tank might look imposing, chances are it will be prone to breakdowns and susceptible to attack, given its ramshackle construction.

Plus it will surely be crippled every time its users are prompted to download one of Sony’s annoying mandatory software updates.

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