Millionaire Seeks Latina Girlfriend Via Billboard (PHOTO) – Stay Classy, Rich Guy

This, apparently, is real:

Millionaire Billboard

Photo via

This admirably honest billboard looming above the San Diego Freeway is the handiwork of real estate mogul Marc Paskin.

Well known for his own charity work — and his appearance on the ABC reality show Secret Millionaire — Paskin is apparently looking for something both naughty and nice this holiday season.

And good for him! While his methods (and overt statement of his preferred ethnicity) are a tad unorthodox, it seems Paskin is entitled to a Christmas wish.

His wife of 28 years died of diabetes a decade ago, and he has since donated huge gobs of his personal wealth to worthy causes, such as a homeless shelter and a facility devoted to giving sight to the blind.

We have a feeling that Paskin’s email address,, is about to get a lot more traffic than the San Diego Freeway.

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