8 Awesomely Awful Santas (PHOTOS)

Santa Claus.

Oh, how this guy helps to sustain our fascination with the holiday season. When we were kids, Santa was a symbol of pure joy and potential (or greed, depending on how you look at it). As adults, Santa can be enjoyed in a totally new way: creepy and awkward Santa photos.

We’ve scoured the deepest depth of the Internet (or Google Images, at least) and collected all the best photos of Santas so creepy and crazy they are downright awesome. Enjoy:

Photo via PopGive

The beard is fake, the mustache is real… and the eyebrows? Now you know what it looks like when the Cowardly Lion takes on some side work as a mall Santa.

Image via The Dirt Floor

It’s Christmas Spirit personified. If I were so close to the white-hot glow of a nuclear Santa, I’d be screaming, too.

Photo via Humor Sharing

He’s got the look, the wit and the jolly. He’s even got the whitest tennis shoes ever manufactured at the North Pole. What he doesn’t have is tact — or shame.

Photo via TeamJimmyJoe

You just gotta love the Santa who doesn’t give a #@&*.  Hold up? Is that Ray Charles?

Photo credit: Alli Hammond

“I’ll swallow your soul with the black of my eyes!” So saith Demon Santa.

Photo via Film School Rejects

Because he breathed so much life into the idea of creepy Santas, it was only appropriate to offer some love to the most inappropriate Santa of them all, Billy Bob Thornton. If you haven’t seen Bad Santa, do yourself a favor and check it out this Christmas season.

Photo via All This is That

This Santa has hairy arms and wears under-sweaters. He also had four fingers cut off in a tragic radial saw accident.

Photo via TeamJimmyJoe

Ninja Santa. When all else fails, grab a woman’s wig and tie it around your face. This gives new meaning to Secret Santa.

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