Microsoft’s Surface Pro is Going to Be Too Bloody Expensive

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Poor decisions: we make them every day. Why, I just ate a six-day-old piece of fried chicken. As it rumbles in my belly, I wish I had eaten a fresh ham sandwich instead.

Now, a much more potent bad decision on the part of Microsoft will cause the Surface Pro tablet computer to fade into the dark, empty expanse that is oblivion.

Here’s the problem: Microsoft has announced that its upcoming 10.6-inch Surface Pro tablet will retail for $899 and up. That’s $400 more than the Surface currently available on the market.


The differences between the Surface you can buy now and the Surface Pro:

  • The Surface Pro runs a full version of Windows 8. The Surface available now runs Windows RT, which lacks many of the features in Windows 8.
  • The Surface Pro comes with 64GB storage ($899) and 128GB storage ($999). The other Surface ships with 32GB ($499) and 64GB ($599).
  • The Surface Pro comes equipped with an Intel Core i5 processor. The other Surface uses an ARM-based chip that isn’t as impressive.

So, are all of these features worth an extra $400? No.

For less money you could purchase Dell’s XPS Ultrabook, which comes with a 128GB solid state drive (SSD). It has a full keyboard and uses the same Intel Core i5 processor. It also has a larger screen (13.3″).

Or, you could go with the Samsung Touchscreen Ultrabook, which ships with a standard hard drive and a solid state drive.

Simply put, the Surface Pro is too bloody expensive.

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