Black Friday Carnage Proves Humanity Is Still Lacking in Many Areas (VIDEO)

Black Friday. It used to signify an annual pick-me-up for the retail economy. Now, I believe the “black” in Black Friday signifies the blackening of our hearts, minds and souls. Whatever happened to showing courtesy toward your fellow man?

I found this video to be rather shocking, as people scratch and claw to get into… a Victoria’s Secret!? I’m particularly disheartened by how unladylike so many of these women get when it comes to fighting for bargains, but the behavior of everyone in this clip, male and female, is pretty reprehensible.

The saddest part: this video is not an isolated incident. At retail locations throughout the United States today, people have been injured, stricken ill, arrested for theft and assault, and displayed other examples of asinine behavior.

This is embarrassing. It really is. It’s incomprehensible why we feel the need to brawl with each other just so we can hoard more cheap crap. Sure, getting your hands on the latest  technology is enticing. But when it becomes a life goal — and you’ll fight to the death to attain it — perhaps your priorities need re-evaluating.

I can honestly say there is nothing — aside from defending the safety of myself or another human being — that would make me behave this way. I’m certain the vast majority of you could say the same. The dumbstruck guy holding the camera/cellphone is the only remotely sensible person in the clip, since he is shocked by the lunacy of it all.

Happy Holidays everyone. The human race is still idiotic.

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