Is She Into You? 5 Body Language Cues You May Be Missing

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What is it about the laws of attraction? Many studies have been conducted — some more scientific than others — and still, as a species looking for love and companionship, we’re often without a clue.

Being happily married, I’m able to watch the behavior of friends, acquaintances and even strangers in social settings from an objective standpoint. I do this for sheer entertainment value. These settings often present a slew of guys who are into girls (the ladies always seeming to be aware of it), as well as a lot of girls who are into guys (the fellas often without a clue of this fact).

Anthropological education, I call upon you now. Come forth to me and allow me to help the Manolith readers.

Below, I outline five body language cues that suggests a sweet lady is into you. Pay attention, because this could come in handy.

Lost Puppy Syndrome

If you’re in a social setting or part of a social group, whether at school, work, or play, and you have a “friend” or “acquaintance” who follows you around from sub-group to sub-group, laughs at all of your jokes and intently listens to all of your stories–even if your stories are pointless — she’s into you! She digs you!

How many times have I witnessed guys with their heads are so far in the clouds they can’t pick up on the most obvious of signals? It’s borderline pathetic. Fellas! Let’s get our stuff together. It’s okay to be a gentleman who speaks little, and listens and observes a lot when you’re in mixed company. You’ll come across as more mysterious and intriguing. Guaranteed.

Glancing Smiles

If you catch the eye of a honey-limbed lovely who responds with a smile, sure, you can chalk it up to her sweet disposition. However, if you keep looking, and she keeps looking and smiling, make your way in her direction. She’s interested in words. You can start with “Hi, I’m [insert your name here].” If the smiles continue after you introduce yourself, congratulations.

Unnecessary and Enjoyable Physical Touch

When you’re sitting and talking with an individual or a group of people and there’s one particular lass who feels it necessary to touch your arm, knee, shoulder, etc., when it’s completely unnecessary, there’s a very good chance that she’s into you. And if you feel a jolt every time she touches you, there’s something there worth exploring. In terms of all of those things we can’t see, but know they’re there, you should imagine a tornado of pheromones spinning right between the two of you.

Intimidating Eye Contact

Gotta love those girls who put eyes on you like a red dot sight on a rifle. If you’re getting that kind of undivided attention, and she’s not looking around the room to see who else she could be talking to, say what you need to say and turn the conversation toward her. Hear what she has to say. Be sure she’s not a crazy. If she’s just that intent — dude, you may have very well scored the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The Tilted Head

It is brutal to miss this one. You don’t want to miss this one. This is that body language cue that often comes after some great conversation, or perhaps a date. If it’s early in a meet-and-greet scenario, then she’s probably sizing you up — offering the green light to continue in conversation.

Down the line: If she starts leaning toward you while you’re walking and talking and then her head tilts while giving even the slightest lean in — especially if you’re walking her home, or dropping her off? C’mon, brother. What are you waiting for? The girl wants a kiss. She is most definitely into you.

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