Xbox Live Is 10, so Microsoft Is Sending Some Users Free Xboxes (and Others a Crappy Virtual Hat)

Xbox Live, Microsoft’s online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service, just turned 10 years old. The service that some have claimed would have been a complete flop if not for gamers’ intense desires to play Halo 2 online launched on November 15, 2002 (precisely one year after the original Xbox was released) and has become perhaps the primary driving force behind the success of the Xbox 360, arguably Microsoft’s best product of the past decade.

Some long-time users of Xbox Live — specifically, ones who have paid for the service for the entire 10 years it’s been available — have begun reporting that Microsoft is reaching out to them and sending them a free Xbox 360.

Just what someone who’s played Xbox online for the last decade needs — an Xbox!

Setting aside the fact that it’s a bit crazy to send your most loyal customers the same product they already have (and one that will soon be obsolete, to boot), it’s a nice gesture on Microsoft’s part. The Xboxes being sent out feature a unique design, with the words “decade of entertainment” emblazoned on the side and “XBL10” on the disc tray door, that could potentially become collectable:

Photo credit: Microsoft

So, should all 10-year users of Xbox Live expect to receive a free console in the mail? Definitely not. The gift Xboxes are limited to a few select customers, Microsoft says.

Other Xbox Live users whose patronage dates all the way back to 2002 are getting a much, much less exciting surprise from Mircosoft: a virtual hat.

Reddit user richl796 posted this photo, noting that he was hoping to receive a free Xbox and got this instead:

Photo credit: richl796 on Reddit

The helmet looks kind of cool, I suppose, but not nearly as cool as a limited edition Xbox.

Photo via: Mad_Sam on Reddit

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