The Hairy Truth About the Moustache (INFOGRAPHIC)

Photo credit: Sortable

It’s November, which means that men in countries like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and much of Europe are growing moustaches to raise money for prostate cancer research. Though Movember still hasn’t achieved the penetration in the U.S. that is has in other places (many Americans do “No Shave November,” which doesn’t include a charitable component, but Movember participation numbers are still pretty low), it’s a huge deal throughout much of the world.

The guys over a put together this great infographic about moustaches. Did you know that some dude out there has a moustache that’s 14 feet long? That guy doesn’t just do Movember, he also does Mocember, Monuary, Mobruary and all the rest.

Check out the infographic below, learn some ‘stache facts and then head over to to sign up or donate.
Movember Infographic
Sortable The Hairy Truth About The Moustache. Go to and make a donation today.

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