Is Aaron Rodgers Sensitive About His Height, or Just a Little Weird? (VIDEO)

Did you catch the 60 minutes segment on Aaron Rodgers?

Of course you didn’t, you’re a male between the ages of 19-34 and Sunday Night Football was on…and it was a good game. So, here you have it, Aaron Rodgers on 60 Minutes. It’s 11 minutes of good stuff. Most are intrigued by the talking points in the last two minutes, when an individual who won a contest and was able to meet Rodgers commented that the Packers QB was smaller than he expected.

Let’s rap. Some interesting stuff. Gotta love that Aaron Rodgers is bold enough to let someone know when something is said that he doesn’t “appreciate.” And yes, in all fairness, commenting on someone’s size, because they look bigger on TV (or smaller), is relatively stupid.

But…Rodgers has to understand that this is a compliment. People see him larger than life. If anything, they probably walk away even more impressed after meeting him, thinking “He’s a person…just like me.”

Yep. A regular person with a ridiculously accurate arm cannon, impressive quicks, straightforward speed and supreme understanding of the game of football.

So, why would he be so sensitive? Perhaps the joke is on us. Maybe Aaron Rodgers is that perfect amount of wit and weird that allows him to counter the verbal jabs of media and fans–all in order to cope with their inexcusable ignorance when it comes to various lines of comments and questioning.

Sorry, Aaron, but when you sell your signature celebration to State Farm as a Discount Double Check, you deserve some all of the stupid questions. Just laugh all the way to the bank, man.

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