High School Football Star Gives Touchdown to Mourning Teammate (VIDEO)

Photo credit: Jeff Stewart

High school senior Michael Ferns is a star football player. Michael, who has been recruited by the Michigan Wolverines, has scored eleven touchdowns this season. On October 5th, he was set to score his 12th – until he made a very unexpected move.

According to Buzzfeed, Michael was on a breakaway when he ran out of bounds just a yard before the end zone. Although the refs called a touchdown, teammate Dan Monteroso ran up to argue that Michael had indeed been out of bounds.

The crowd murmured in confusion.

At that point, Logan Thompson stepped on to the field. Logan, a freshman, is a wide receiver who rarely got any field time. Two days before this heartwarming story unfolded, Logan’s father had unexpectedly died of a stroke. Logan had come to the game anyway, to support his team.

With the help of his dedicated team, Logan scored his first touchdown that day.

The Huffington Post reports that the play was dreamed up by coach Brett McLean, and was executed by the entire team without Logan’s prior knowledge. Brett described it as a way to “honor [Logan’s] dad.”

After the game, Logan tweeted the following:


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I have something in my eye.

You can read the whole, possibly tear-inducing story over at ESPN and check out the video, below:

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