Redskins To Wear Fake Leather Helmets This Week (PHOTOS)

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There was a time when every football team wore leather helmets. They were thin, light and didn’t really do much to protect a player’s head, but they looked pretty awesome. There’s just something about an old-school leather helmet that makes you nostalgic for the glory days of football (even if those days were before you were born, making your nostalgia a bit ridiculous).

Though many NFL teams have worn throwback uniforms in recent years, in an attempt to recreate some of that old-timey magic, no team has been able to reproduce the look and feel of the leather helmet.

When the Packers wore their 1929 throwbacks last season, they paired them with a plain brown helmet. When the Steelers wore wore their 1933 throwbacks last weekend, they just went with their normal, black helmet with a yellow stripe. Not exactly historically accurate.

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The Redskins are taking things to the next level with the throwbacks they plan to wear this weekend, though. The team has paired with Nike and HGI to create a helmet that has the look and feel of a leather helmet, without sacrificing any of the safety features that are necessary in today’s NFL. The helmets have a brown, leathery finish that really looks like the helmets of old:

Photo credit: Washington Redskins


Photo credit: HGI

The full throwback will look like this:

Photo credit: Washington Redskins


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2 Responses to Redskins To Wear Fake Leather Helmets This Week (PHOTOS)

  1. Karl Zimmerman says:

    I don’t like the all brown helmet. I think the Redskins helmet the way it was is one if not the best looking helmet any team in the USA ever had, So I hope this is only going to last one week and then put it back the way it was. Keep it the good work team. Karl

  2. Yuk! I won’t say here what I really think of the change. I always liked the Maroon, shiney helmets, and the bright gold pants. Please…………………. This throwback stuff is a joke. Last week it was the Jailhouse BubbleBees………….Yuk