Donald Trump To Reveal Obama Divorce Papers In Attempt To Create Scandal

Photo credit: Reuters

According to multiple reports, serial attention seeker Donald Trump is set to unveil documents that he believes will prove Barack Obama and wife Michelle once seriously considered getting a divorce. This revelation is said to be the bombshell that Trump has been hyping all week.

Trump has been on television this week touting “something very, very big concerning the president of the United States.” While appearing on Fox and Friends, the mogul added, “I know one thing- you will cover it in a very big fashion.”

Reportedly, Trump has obtained divorce documents that were filed by the Obamas. At this time, the veracity of such documents (or even confirmation of their existence) is unclear.

Trump is denying that the predictions about what his big announcement will be are true, but it looks like nothing more than a last-ditch effort to maximize the hype:

Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time that rumors of trouble in the Obama household have been discussed. The story of Michelle threatening divorce when Barack didn’t listen to her advice about not running against Democratic congressman Bobby Rush in 2000 has been well-told. (Presidential spokesman Eric Schultz has denied that this story is true, however).

Recently, there have been rumors that Michelle had threatened divorce if Barack chose to seek a second term as president. Again, the White House has denied these rumors.

It looks exceedingly unlikely that Trump has any kind of proof that the Obamas were ever serious about divorce and, even if he does somehow have a smoking gun, it shouldn’t really matter in any way. The Obamas didn’t get divorced. Besides, what couple hasn’t been through a few rough patches? Does not having a flawless relationship with your wife somehow make you a poor fit for the role of president? History certainly doesn’t agree.

Ultimately, Trump will come out of this looking even more like the scumbag that he already is.

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3 Responses to Donald Trump To Reveal Obama Divorce Papers In Attempt To Create Scandal

  1. I think Donald trump is an idiot let’s face it with all the money he has he still comes up with bullshit

  2. Robert McElwee says:

    Donald —-Put up or shut up

  3. Tramp, the Buffoon does NOT have 5 million. My brother is his former “boyfriend”.
    He shows $ in a “borrow from Peter to pay Paul” runaround. There were timesm, my Bro.
    states, that he (bro.) had to pay for things because Tramp didn’t get his “Corp. Welfare”
    check from…someone.
    “Yes, he’s ;pretty ugly, butmakes a 1st impression. Soon he’s a Buffoon, Liar, Fool”.
    He tried to bribe me re: the “Gay thing”. Too bad. He’d sell you cheap. We’re selling
    Him first: Stupid, Ugly, Phoney, gives “Gay” a bad name. Oh, and nearly broke.