Fan Attacks Soccer Goalie During Game (VIDEO)

Photo credit: YouTube

Attacking a professional athlete is inexcusable no matter the context, but doing it during a live game takes things to a whole new level of heinous. That’s exactly what happened when a hooligan stepped onto the field during a soccer game in England on Friday and punched one of the goalies in the face.

Take a look at the video.

The goalie in question is Chris Kirkland. He plays for the team Sheffield Wednesday. The fan was a supporter of the team Leeds United, one of Sheffield Wednesday’s chief rivals.

The fan had actually been banned from all soccer games in England four years ago, after he was found to be a key player in a large-scale fan riot. He’s not even allowed to travel by train to a city in which Leeds is playing a game that day.

Obviously, he violated the ban and somehow got inside the stadium on Friday. It has not come to light that he’s also violated the ban several times in the past. It doesn’t exactly sound like the ban is being enforced very seriously, though that could change now.

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