Big Tex Statue Burns Down at the State Fair of Texas (PHOTOS)

Big Tex isn’t necessarily known to everyone in the country, but he’s definitely a household name in Texas and among out-of-staters who have visited the State Fair of Texas. The 52-foot statue is 60 years old and its booming “voice” (performed by an actor) greets visitors to the Fair.

As of today, however, the Big Tex statue is no more.

Numerous sources are reported on social media sites like Twitter and Google+ that Big Tex is on fire. Several photos of the blaze have been posted. It looks like something you’d see at the Burning Man festival:

Photo credit: Brad Williamson

Photo credit: Brad Williamson

At this time, it’s unclear what started the fire. We don’t know if it was simply an accident or the result of foul play. What kind of monster would want to harm Big Tex?

Update, 12.57 p.m. – A State Fair spokesperson told Fox 4 that the Big Tex fire was seen emanating from the statue’s neck area. It is speculated that the first might be “electrical in nature.”

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  1. Well it looks like the wrong cowboy got fired.

  2. Now let do Mrs Big Tex.

  3. i blame obama what a asshole