A-Rod Swears During Interview On ESPN (VIDEO)

Things are rapidly falling apart for Alex Rodriguez and his relationship with the New York Yankees. His on-field performance has been abysmal, he was caught flirting with fans rather than paying attention to the game he got yanked from, and rumors are swirling that, as soon as the season is over, the Yankees will attempt to ship him out of town (perhaps to the Miami Marlins).

A-Rod is trying to hold things together, saying that he isn’t paying attention to all the rumors and that he just wants to do whatever he can to help his current team win–even if that means being a cheerleader. However, you can tell from the look on his face and the tone of his voice that all the negative stories are starting to get to him.

During an interview prior to Game 4 (which was postponed until today because of rain), A-Rod decided to drop an S-bomb–and ESPN didn’t bleep it.

When asked about being left out of the Game 4 lineup and all the gossip in the media, A-Rod said that he doesn’t “give a sh*t about that.”

It’s not at all unusual for a baseball player to drop some casual profanity into an interview, especially when he’s asked about such a contentious issue. What’s bizarre is the fact that ESPN didn’t censor it. The fact that the video goes silent for a few seconds before the profanity suggests that someone tried to drop the audio, but failed to do it at the right time.

Like A-Rod, whoever’s in charge of bleeping swears at ESPN might soon be looking for a new job.

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