Laughin’ Joe Biden Thinks Debates Are Hilarious

Photo credit: NBC

If you watched the vice presidential debate last night, as pretty much every American who wasn’t watching football or baseball did, you undoubtedly came away with the same impression that everyone else did: Joe Biden sure smiles and laughs a lot.

If you’re a Republican, that means that Biden is disrespectful and rude. If you’re a Democrat, it means that he’s cool and in charge. If you’re an independent, it’s just really funny–because, let’s face it, it was hilarious.

Biden’s smiles and laughs were by far the best part of a fairly spirited, though ultimately fairly meaningless (who is basing their vote on a vice presidential debate? No one.), debate. We all tune in to debates to see the candidates get at each other’s throats and Biden’s sarcastic strategy was pretty entertaining.

Perhaps the biggest winner of the night wasn’t Biden or Ryan, nor their parties, but whoever’s behind the awesome Twitter account @laughinjoebiden. In a matter of hours, it went from zero followers to over 8,000.

Below, some of Laughin’ Joe Biden’s best tweets:





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