Jets Owner Addresses Important Question Of Whether Tim Tebow Is Still A Virgin (VIDEO)

Got room for a little bit more Tim Tebow in your life? No? Well, too bad, because here comes a steaming pile of it.

During an interview on CNBC, New York Jets owner Woody Johnson was asked by Squawk Box host Richard LeFrak about the status of his backup quarterback’s much discussed virginity. Though he sort of tried to deflect the question, Johnson chuckled and revealed that he doesn’t know if Tebow’s done the deed yet, but he does know that the ladies love them some Tebow:

The bigger story here should be Johnson’s absolutely ridiculous plan to keep Tebow on the Jets’ roster for three more years. Whoever’s coaching your team in 2013 (it sure as heck won’t be Rex Ryan, because the Jets’ season is about to go down in flames) is going to love having Tebow forced on him, Woody.

But, no, all anyone cares about is the status of Tebow’s virginity. Do you not think we would know if he’d had sex with a woman? Do you not think that story would be at the top of every newspaper and newscast in the nation? Wise men will be traversing in from all over the globe bearing presents when The Chosen One finally lies with woman. It’s not going to be much of a secret.

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