Watch CM Punk Punch An Innocent Fan On “Raw” (VIDEO)

Photo credit: WWE

The storyline on last night’s WWE Raw included two notable returns. First, John Cena stepped back into the ring to say that he wants a piece of current WWE champion CM Punk at Hell in a Cell. Then, WWE chairman Vince McMahon returned to give his thoughts on the state of the company.

During McMahon’s speech, CM Punk walked down to the ring and demanded that McMahon show him the proper respect (whatever that means). McMahon revealed that he’s not really “a CM Punk guy,” which didn’t sit well with Punk. Punk slapped McMahon, McMahon demanded a match (clearly the most rational recourse a 67-year-old man could have) and the main event for the night was set.

Before the match could even get started, CM Punk attacked McMahon. Then, against all odds, McMahon was somehow able to get his hands on a kendo stick and fight back. After landing a low blow to McMahon’s prized family jewels (Shane and Stephanie came from there!), Punk tried to hit his patented GTS. At that time, Ryback showed up and Punk ran like heck into the crowd to get away from the monster.

Then, things got weird.

While McMahon was cutting a promo in the ring, the cameras showed CM Punk getting into things with a fan. It looked like Punk was upset that a fan touched him (what did he expect to happen when he ran into a packed arena of rabid wresting fans), so he turned around and threw a punch. It didn’t look like Punk even hit the right guy and it definitely didn’t look to be part of the script.

Take a look for yourself:

Here it is from another angle:

Punk punched the bald guy with sunglasses, but it doesn’t look like that guy did anything wrong. He might have accidentally shoved Punk in the back, but that was only because everyone behind him was pushing forward to be near Punk.

Ultimately, Punk comes out of this looking like a huge baby. When you go into the crowd at a wrestling show, you should expect a little bit of shoving and fans clamoring to be near you. That doesn’t give you the right to start throwing rights at everyone around you.

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