Man Ruptures Bladder After Strip Tease

Watch out: visiting a stripper may lead to internal bleeding. As one unlucky guy found out.

Patrick Gallagher is suing a Philly nightclub after he sustained internal bleeding after visiting the strip joint. The groom-to-be got more than he was hoping for from the “Bachelor Package.” The deal involved lying flat on your back while a stripper worked the pole. Gallagher’s attorney says the dancer “launched herself on his abdomen” from a great height.

The pain was so severe that the unlucky groom-to-be went to the hospital and says he sustained a ruptured bladder and other injuries. The wild party happened on November 2010 and Gallagher is suing for $50,000. The lawsuit claims that the club was negligent and the money will cover the groom’s surgery, pain, humiliation, and mental anguish.

Lying beneath a stripper pole is all fun and games until some loses a bladder.

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  1. There is nothing more disrespectful and disgusting than going to a stripper because you are getting married

    BUT women still marry these guys