The New SimCity Looks Crazy (VIDEO)

The next SimCity isn’t expected to be released until February, 2013. It’s not too early to get excited about the game, however.

The first trailer for the game was released a few months ago and it looked really good. Now, there’s a new demo video out and it shows off a lot more of the game. Many of the concepts are very similar to old SimCity games–you build roads, build a power infrastructure, give everyone drinking water–except they look a lot more modern,  streamlined and rich.

Take a look:

The level of granularity in this game looks crazy! Every single sim has wants and needs and you can dive as deep into each individual life as you want. Or, you can look at things from a macro level and even deal with multiple cities (like striking a deal with a nearby city for resources). If you’re the kind of person who likes to play god, as I do, this wide range of possibilities is so enticing.

Of course, there’s the old argument that we have already enough to worry about in our own lives and it’s dumb to voluntarily deal with a bunch of pretend problems in a video game. To people who make that argument, I say that you simply don’t understand how much pleasure one can take from seeing all the lights go on in the (fake) city you just gave a brand-new power plant. They (fake) rely on you!

EA has released information about pricing or system requirements for the game, yet. All we know if that it will be available for PC and Mac in early 2013.

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