Jay Cutler Doesn’t Want To Listen To Coach Mike Tice (VIDEO)

If Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is aware that he’s been repeatedly criticized in the media for childish behavior during his NFL career, he doesn’t care enough about it to change his ways. Just two weeks after he was spotted on his team’s sideline berating his left tackle, he was once again caught behaving badly on national television.

During last night’s Monday Night Football game against the Cowboys, a game the Bears won, Cutler appeared to completely ignore his offensive coordinator, Mike Tice, while the latter was trying to speak to him after a failed offensive series in the first half. Cutler came to the sidelines and sat down. Tice sat down next to him and Cutler immediately stood up and walked away. He didn’t even look at Tice.

Prior to the incident, Cutler appeared to be displeased with how the plays were being sent to him from the sidelines. Tice, presumably, was trying to explain what had happened.

“I don’t have to sit by him the whole game, do I?” said Cutler after the game, in an attempt to justify his behavior.

He added: “Things happen during a football game. Just because I walk off and go and get water, it doesn’t mean much.”

Once again, Cutler comes out of this looking like a baby. Those arguing that he’s not a true franchise quarterback because he lacks the mental toughness required to succeed in the NFL certainly look to be correct. Though no one would argue that Cutler possesses elite physical abilities, including one of the strongest arms in NFL history, it will be what’s inside his head that ultimately determines his career trajectory.

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