iOS 6 Reportedly Killing iPhone 4, 4S Batteries

Having battery problems with your iPhone 4 or 4S after installing iOS 6? You’re not alone. It appears this is a major problem, with some users reporting total battery drainage after just a few hours.

In recent days many iPhone 4 and 4S users have taken to Apple iPhone technical support forums to complain about the issue. iPhone 4S user Only1jb complained that after taking their smartphone to work they returned home with just 17 per cent battery left. Prior to installing iOS 6, that number had been closer to 60 per cent.

But that’s nothing compared to the battery problems reported by some other iPhone 4 and 4S users. One user named John Smith 1882 said his battery’s charge had dropped from 100 per cent to 0 per cent in just four hours. Worse still, Smith said he hadn’t placed or received a call, hadn’t used GPS apps, and hadn’t even browsed the web.

Meanwhile, user LocalBus said he was considering back tracking to iOS 5 after his iPhone 4’s battery life was reduced from 100 to 52 per cent in just 90 minutes.

It’s not yet known what might be causing the batteries to drain so quickly. Some users had suggested that Apple’s new mapping service was the culprit, but even those who haven’t run the application say they’re experiencing problems.

“As an iPhone 4S owner, I can tell you from first hand knowledge that my iPhone loses about ten percent of its charge per hour without doing anything but sitting in my pocket,” wrote David Winograd, a writer for The Mac Observer.

“I noticed that with the lock screen set to two minutes, and the screen turned off, the iPhone feels quite warm, as if it’s doing something.”

Apple hasn’t yet commented on the problem, though with hundreds of people taking to the company’s technical support forums, it’s likely the firm will release a statement sometime this week.

What about you guys? Can anyone beat LocalBus’ record of full battery drainage in just three hours?

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3 Responses to iOS 6 Reportedly Killing iPhone 4, 4S Batteries

  1. James Luxton says:

    I have been hearing about this problem for the last week now and here is my story.

    On the release day for iOS6 I updated both my mothers iPhone 4 and my old iPhone 4s. My mum has not said anything bad about the battery life on her iPhone 4 which in her case means it’s either the same or better….!!.

    On the iPhone 4s I can say hand on heart battery life is better… *Surprised* much, the mobiles settings are set up as follows: I have the screen auto brighness “off” and the brightness slider set at about 20-25%, I also have the screen lock set to “never” as I always use the loch button, I have also data roaming turned “off” as having this enabled will keep the gps/gprs on “Auto” mode i.e. it constantly searches for a better/stonger mobile signal, I also always turn my wifi & bluetooth “off” when i’m not using them, but locaction services is always enabled. To the point I hear you all cry… Well having the iPhone 4s set up as described above I managed to squeeze 8hrs out of it on one charge and I was texting, answering/making calls and even surfing the web over the dredded “3g” network….. now thats brilliant… And Tuesday the 25th Sept was the last time I charged/used my iPhone 4s up and it had finally given up during the night last night after being left on standby conected to wifi for nearly 6 straight days…

    I urge people to test me and set up their iPhones like I do ( Including My iPhone 5 ) and feel free to notify me of what happens regarding the battery life on your devices’.

    Regards to all.


  2. Did exactly as that, battery went down 10% in the last hour for my iphone 5 w/o using it at all other than hitting the home button once to turn it on to see the battery usage. That is absurd, almost as absurd as the fact that although this is a critical bug with ios 6 and no indication from Apple that they are working on a fix urgently.

  3. Okay, now that we know there is an issue from the thousands of complaints I have read how the hell and when is this going to be fixed? What can we do as consumers (short of complaints about it cuz we already know the issues) to rectify the problem? Does Apple think that this is just going to be okay? I’m HOT about this issue because I can’t be where I can have my phone plugged in constantly. Do we call apple and bitch? Keep posting and posting complaints? I’m at a loss and VERY frustrated.