There’s a New Contender for the Title of Worst Death Scene Ever (VIDEO)

The clip above is from a Turkish movie called Karateci Kiz (“Karate Girl”) that was released in 1973, but it’s going viral today. It’s definitely a legitimate contender for the prestigious title of “worst death scene ever,” but is it actually the worst?

Let’s go to the tape and break it down. The overdubbed scream is definitely awesome, but it seems like it may not have been in the original movie (you can see the original version of the scene here), so we have to subtract a few points. The guy is rocking a pale green turtleneck that would make Snoop Dogg and The Lonely Island proud, though, so maybe we can add a few of those lost points back. Ultimately, the prolonged suffering is what really makes this clip stand out. Dude gets shot like ten times and he’s flopping all over the place. Just die, already.

Still, I think it might be a bit much to call this the worst death scene ever. Movie makers around the world have produced some pieces of big-time crap over the years, and I’m not sure that our turtlenecked friend’s death is worse than the videos I’ve included below.

You be the judge. Are these deaths worse than the death scene in Karateci Kiz?

That one is from the movie Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow, a 1978 Hong Kong martial arts film that starred Jackie Chan.

This one is from Enter the Ninja, a 1981 martial arts film from the Philippines starring no one you’ve heard of.

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