Does This Bikini Basketball League Logo Look Familiar To You?

The Lingerie Football League is completely stupid (it’s neither a good source of attractive women in lingerie nor entertaining football action), but it’s apparently been successful enough to spawn a copycat league.

The Bikini Basketball League is starting up in a few weeks and it’s currently putting out a call for women who want to wear next to nothing and play basketball in front of hundreds of fans.

This is the add that aims to attract potential players in the Miami area:

You know, that Miami Spice logo looks kind of familiar.

Oh, here’s why. It’s a complete and blatant ripoff of the old Seattle SuperSonics logo:

Not exactly an impressive start, Bikini Basketball League. First, you steal the idea for your league. Then, you don’t even bother to draw up an original logo. Just because the SuperSonics aren’t a team anymore doesn’t mean their trademarked property is fair game to use. It wouldn’t be surprising to see a lawsuit in the near future.

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