Bounty Scandal Rocks Pee Wee Football Program

Bounty scandals: they aren’t just for professional football teams in Louisiana, anymore.

Darren Crawford, the head coach of the Tustin Red Cobras, a Pop Warner football team in Tustin, California, has been suspended after it came to light that he was offering bounties to the members of his team for taking out opposing players. Those opposing players were 10 and 11 years old.

There was no Jonathan Vilma in this case, and no $10,000 put on the table for whoever made the killshot. Instead, the coach was apparently offering his kids between $20 and $50. One of the opposing players who was targeted apparently suffered a concussion.

Perhaps surprisingly, the Orange County Register reports that this particular bounty scandal actually took place before news of the New Orleans Saints’ bounty program hit the mainstream media, so it wasn’t a copycat case.

In addition to Crawford, the team’s defensive coordinator, Richard Bowman, has also been implicated.

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