Travis Snider Makes An Absolutely Ridiculous Catch (VIDEO)

There’s not much one can say about this catch by Pittsburgh Pirates outfield Travis Snider except “wow.” Sports people toss around the word “unbelievable” way too freely, but this catch actually is kind of hard to believe. It’s that good.

Snider raced back to the wall to steal a home run from Mike Baxter of the New York Mets. He climbed the wall and seemed to hang there for a few seconds, before snagging the ball with the very tip of his glove. Even the Mets fans in New York City had to applaud the catch.

Before you take a look at the video of the catch, stick some pillows under your chin–because your jaw is going to be dropping hard and fast.

Pirates fans haven’t had a lot to cheer about lately, as their team blew a promising start to the season and is now flirting with a 20th consecutive losing season. This catch will help ease the pain, at least temporarily.

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