Former ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Star Johnny Lewis Found Dead At Bizarre Crime Scene

In what has to be one of the weirdest stories of a semi-celebrity’s death in recent memory, actor Johnny Lewis’s body was discovered by police in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles yesterday.

Lewis is best-known for his role as Half-Sack on Sons of Anarchy. The character was killed off in the series’ season two finale.

Lewis’s body was discovered in the driveway of a Los Feliz home where is believed to have resided. Inside the home, a 70 year-old woman was found dead. Authorities believe that she was murdered and Lewis is the prime suspect.

Neighbors reported hearing screaming coming from the home shortly before the elderly woman inside is believed to have been killed. Lewis was then seen outside of the home, attacking two people with a piece of wood and then climbing onto the roof.

Putting the pieces of the story together, it sounds like Lewis murdered the old woman inside, who is believed to have been his landlady, and then jumped off the roof of the house, killing himself. No autopsy has been performed at this time, but it’s not difficult to conclude that he must have been in the middle of a psychotic episode or perhaps under the influence of drugs.

The investigation is currently underway and there are many questions that have no clear answers at this point, such as who the two people that Lewis was attacking with wood are. What a bizarre story.

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