Adam Greenberg Returns To The Majors With The Miami Marlins Tonight

Tonight, for one night, at least, we are all fans of the Miami Marlins. The team is a tremendously disappointing 23 games below .500, but tonight isn’t about winning or losing. Tonight is about redemption.

Adam Greenberg’s major league career lasted just one pitch. In July, 2005, the outfielder stepped up to the plate for the Chicago Cubs in the ninth inning of a game. Then, this happened:

Greenberg was drilled in the head with the very first pitch he faced. In one second, his life took a dramatic turn. He went from the high of making his MLB debut to the low of a major head injury. In fact, Greenberg’s injury was so severe that he never stepped back up to the plate. Until tonight, that is.

After years of playing in the minor leagues, trying to get another shot to play in the majors, Greenberg is getting that chance tonight. He’s going to get the one at-bat that his supporters have campaigned for.

Inexplicably, it won’t be with the Cubs. Though the Cubs could really use a good story for their fans to rally around, they apparently weren’t interested in Greenberg. Instead, Greenberg will suit up for the Marlins, the team he faced for his one pitch back in 2005.

Regardless of the color of his jersey, all of MLB and all of the sports world will be rooting for Greenberg tonight.

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