Broken iPhone 5 Prank Hits Apple Fanatics Right Where It Hurts

The guys over at AwesomenessTV pulled off a pretty solid prank at the expense of Apple superfans waiting in line to grab a new iPhone 5 on launch day. The plan was simple: drop iPhones in front of people and see what they do.

The well-executed prank involved a guy dressed as an Apple employing delivering boxes of the brand-new “iPhones” on a dolly. As he walked past the long line of people waiting to buy an iPhone 5, he casually asked how long people had been waiting. Then, he crushed their dreams (temporarily, at least).

The looks on people’s faces as they see the boxes supposedly full of new iPhones, and as they hear the sound of shattering glass, is hilarious. So much waiting, all for naught.

Of course, when Apple actually delivers their merchandise, it comes in well-padded boxes.

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