Some Facebook Users Say Their Private Messages Are Showing Up On Their Walls

Another day, another Facebook privacy scandal that has been blown out of proportion by the site’s users.

Today, the issue is a potential Facebook bug that some of the site’s users are saying has caused old private messages that they wrote or received to become public. Facebook is denying that there’s any issue (and I wasn’t able to find any proof of it after checking out my own profile and those of several of my friends), so it’s unclear whether this is yet another urban legend that spread like wildfire on Facebook or if there’s actually something going on here.

According to TechCrunch, what allegedly happened is that there was some kind of bug that caused older private Facebook messages (from 2009 and earlier) to appear under the ‘Friends’ tab on users’ timelines.

Try it out for yourself. Go to your own timeline, or the timeline of one of your friends, and click on the year 2009 (or an earlier year) in the top right. A box called ‘Friends’ should become visible at the top right of your wall. This box shows you all the public messages that your friends wrote on your wall that year. Some users are claiming that this box is now showing private messages, too.

Are you seeing the issue on your own wall? Like I said, I snooped on several of my friends’ walls and I didn’t see anything that looked like a private message. I’m guessing that this issue is either fake or it has already been corrected by Facebook. Post below if you can prove that it’s actually a real thing.

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