Meet Kwayzar, The Rapping Grandpa (VIDEO)

Does the rap game have a spot for an old, white man spitting lyrics about having sex with young women and eating low-fat yogurt? Maybe not, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy his attempt at fame.

Meet Kwayzar. This is his first single. It’s called “I Can Still Do It.”

To be perfectly honest, this song is way better than it has any right to be. Kwayzar’s flow is actually decent in spots and he drops a few good lines. Some of the jokes are pretty obvious, but he took a few left turns with his wordplay and he deserves the 15 minutes of viral fame that is probably coming to him.

Details on this guy are scarce, but it seems like his real name is Stanley Jerry Hoffman and he’s a World War II veteran who’s been trying to make it as a showbiz star for a while now. He says his rap influences include Ice Cube and Eminem.

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