Does Anyone Want To See A Kanye West Sex Tape With A Kim Kardashian Lookalike?

We’re all very aware of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. Heck, it’s the thing that made all of us aware of Kim Kardashian’s existence in the first place. That tape is legendary, though actually quite boring.

Those of us who want to be aware of what Kanye West’s penis looks like can check that one off the list, too. The pictures are out there (unsurprisingly, because Kanye’s been pretty open about his propensity to take pictures of his nude self and send them to women).

So, does anyone actually care about seeing a sex tape with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian? Can’t we all just imagine what it would be? Will 1 + 1 = something more than 2?

According to the good people at Radar Online, we might get to decide. Apparently, a tape is being shopped that depicts Mr. West himself doing the deed with a woman who looks a lot like Ms. Kardashian. It’s not her, but it looks just like her.

The sex tape is reportedly very well done, if that’s a thing that’s possible for a sex tape to be. Kanye, ever the perfectionist, takes the time to set up the camera with a good angle and he gets his partner to say on camera that she’s 18. People who have seen the tape say that his performance is impressive, but who knows what the heck that means.

Kanye is said to be desperately trying to prevent the tape from coming out. Supposedly, he shot it just before he started his relationship with Kim, though his desperation might raise some questions about whether he might have shot it after he was already dating her.

Kanye is probably rich and powerful enough to make this whole thing go away, so we’ll probably never get to know for sure whether it’s something we wanted to see.

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