Watch DMX Learn To Use A Computer (VIDEO)

It’s 2012. Both of my grandmothers have Facebook accounts. Yet, somehow, there are still places where computer technology still hasn’t achieved full penetration.

One of those places is the life of rapper DMX. At a recent visit the the Power 105.1 studios in New York City, DMX was offered the chance to learn how to use a computer. He wasn’t given a difficult task–he was just asked to Google his own name.

And he pretty much freaked out because it was too scary. Cocaine is a heck of a drug, folks.

Take a look at this ridiculous video:

“Look at all this stuff!”

“It’s a toolbar!”

There’s technological illiteracy and then there’s DMX. There are pre-speech toddlers who can operate computers with more precision than this. Heck, there are cats who are better at it.

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