Fan Throws Real Grenade On Soccer Field, Almost Kills Player

Soccer fans have never been shy about throwing stuff onto the field. From harmless streamers to usually harmless (but still fairly dangerous) flares to always dangerous beer bottles, soccer players are used to getting stuff chucked in their general direction. It’s just part of the sport.

There’s a line, though. And a fan in Iran just completely crossed it. At a game in Isfahan, Iran, someone sitting in the stands threw what appears to be a live grenade on the field. A live freakin’ grenade.

Not realizing what the item was, a player picked it up and casually tossed it off to the side. He did so just in time, as the grenade did was most grenades do and exploded. No one was seriously injured, miraculously, but several people came within seconds (and inches) of losing their lives.

Here’s the video of the incident:

And a still shot:

The rest of the game, not surprisingly, was canceled. Iranian police are said to be investigation the incident. Even in Iran, it’s totally not cool to throw live grenades onto the field.

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3 Responses to Fan Throws Real Grenade On Soccer Field, Almost Kills Player

  1. You sure this is Iran? Coz they’re not speaking Persian.

  2. Those players are lucky it wasn’t a US grenade. Every one of the players on-screen would have been cut to ribbons. Pretty wimpy, Iran.


    If only ameri cans take their head off their asses….
    It was fake granade… and how many non us bombs have the marines suffered??
    Patetic Dan… grow some logic and start thinking before u express ur lack of I.Q.