Samsung Makes Another Anti-Apple Commercial, Kinda Seems Pathetic (VIDEO)

In the interest of full disclosure, I will say that I use an Android phone and I love it. I used an iPhone for several years, which I also loved, but I felt like I wanted to try something new and I made the switch earlier this year. I might never go back.

That said, I find the anti-Apple commercials that Samsung produces to be pretty pathetic. They reek of a company that feels like its losing the war and has to resort to dirty tactics. There’s no rising above here and there’s plenty of insecurity.

Take a look at the newest one:

Pretty bad, right?

These commercials define Samsung products as anti-Apple and not pro-anything; they make it seem like Samsung phone owners almost need Apple to keep dominating the market so that they can keep feeling like the hip minority. In a way, Samsung has now tried to take over the indie cred that it previously mocked iPhone users for staking claim to.

These ads also help to promote Apple products. What did we all just see? Lineups to buy Apple products. Anyone who didn’t know that the iPhone 5 is about to go on sale before watching this commercial is now very aware of Apple’s latest offering. Is that really furthering Samsung’s agenda?

I’d like to see Samsung step back from the whole us vs. them mentality and just make a commercial that touts the features of its phones. If they really are that great, then people will buy them. Heck, it worked for Apple.

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10 Responses to Samsung Makes Another Anti-Apple Commercial, Kinda Seems Pathetic (VIDEO)

  1. Pathetic article clearly written by someone completely enamored with Apple products.

  2. So the person who cowardly identifies his or herself simply as “What” instead of providing a name is also enamored (read “blinded by love”) with Apple products. Quite sad.

  3. Your blog is bad and you should feel bad.

  4. I find your opinion strange. Or at least poorly thought out. The problem with going toe to toe with Apple products is that in the public eye, Apple is not viewed objectively. Ipods and Iphones aren’t simply a technological product, they’re branded as status symbols. People overlook glaring flaws and avoid products that might actually be BETTER just to follow the herd, and say that they own an i(whatever). If you’re going to compete against something that’s captured the herd mentality of the public at large, you need to get people’s attention. Having the stones to straight up tell people ‘Everything they can do, and WILL do, we have already done’ is a big step in the right direction.

    If Samsung isn’t telling the straight up truth here, I’ll change my tune and side with you. Otherwise, Apple has set themselves up as king of the hill. If they can’t take it, they deserve to be knocked down.

  5. The blog is valid and includes several thoughts that are sensible. Some of the responses to the blog, however, appear far more ‘fanboy’ orientated than the supposedly biased opinions shared in the blog itself.

    The problem is people, not products. There is nothing wrong with the iPhone. There is nothing wrong with the Galaxy S3. There is something wrong with the idiots who argue about which is better and actually show hate toward one another for liking or buying a particular product. Twisting words and accusing every Apple consumer as being ‘enamoured’ is incredibly blind-sighted and childish.

    The Samsung adverts directly dissing the iPhone and those who purchase it are as pathetic as the Apple staff who whoop and cheer at the launch of their own product and the ever increasing queues that camp outside their stores. That’s people for you – and it’s business. Good business at that. And it can only be good business if these sometimes cringeworthy and sickening displays of passion are lapped up by the people.

    The people who sleep on the street for a phone are bonkers. The people at Samsung who decided to attempt to ridicule iPhone and it’s consumers are childish and lack pride. And the people who hate and spread vicious opinions are idiots and should be ashamed of themselves.

    Both companies offer great products (as do so many other companies that are not being given the spotlight in this instance) and everyone should feel free and justified to purchase whatever product works best for them without being unfairly placed into a stereotypical camp.

    And finally, in case those who hate on Apple or Samsung hadn’t realised it, they are inadvertently doing BOTH companies promotionally-focused bidding by actually promoting their products and causing an even greater loyalty base for one or the other’s hardware. Any advertising is good advertising.

  6. lol @ apple lover says:

    You totally missed the point. Apple is just adding features that Samsung and others have had for years.

    Apple is for people who don’t know anything about technology like your parents. Try watching the commercial without any bias.

  7. As a long term employee of Samsung I know that Samsung did not pioneer a wealth of features that are used in the iPhone. In fact it’s very much the opposite and the huge success of the Galaxy series of smart-phones is largely due to the hardware architecture development and o.s. breakthroughs pioneered by Apple over the past 2 decades. That’s not to say that the Galaxy is in any way a lesser or bad phone – it’s a great one – but all this nonsense about watching the commercial “without any bias” is laughable.

    If an individual decides to hate on Apple due to a fairly undignified and slightly shameful advertising campaign created by Samsung to tarnish the impressive (and completely deserved) reputation of their competitor by spear heading a fashion-focused attack on Apple consumers then they have allowed themselves to be led as sheep to Samsung’s corporate slaughterhouse/brainwash facility. Anyone who makes decisions based on small amounts of data about an absolutely huge topic, especially when the information provided in the media and press is mostly promo-ganda and utterly biased, is less than intelligent and probably lacking in self esteem, which is exactly what the advertising houses working on behalf of all giant corporations are counting on.

    I am extremely glad that I do not pledge consumer allegiance to any manufacturer, and even though I am employed by Samsung and own a number of excellent products made by them I also own a number of equally impressive Apple products. To seriously suggest that “Apple is for people who don’t know anything about technology like your parents” is hilarious and serves as testament to a posters complete lack of knowledge, understanding and respect. It would be equally funny if the same had been said of Samsung.