They Have The Truck Stick In Lingerie Football, Apparently

The biggest hit in football over the past week wasn’t Cleveland Browns running back Trent Richardson blowing up Philadelphia Eagles safety Kurt Coleman (though Coleman got absolutely jacked up on the play and you should watch it if you haven’t seen it).

The biggest hit didn’t come from the NFL at all. It didn’t come from the NCAA. It didn’t come from the CFL. It came from the Lingerie Football League. Heck, since the teams that are involved are both Canadian, it might have even come from the Canadian Lingerie Football League (I’m not going to bother checking to see if there is a separate LFL for Canadian teams, or if they all just play in one league–I really don’t care).

According to the description on the video above, this is Nikki Johnson of the Regina Somethings (you look it up if you care, because I’m not going to) lowering the boom on Devine Burton of the Toronto Something-Elses. Johnson just presses the truck stick button and then runs over Burton’s motionless corpse. Boom.

All six fans in attendance really got their money’s free tickets’ worth that night.

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