‘NBA Live 13’ Delayed Indefinitely, Possibly Canceled

EA Sports is still dominant in the world of football games. Madden 13 sold a reported 1.65 million copies during the first week of the game’s release, the highest first-week sales in the game franchise’s history, according to IGN. Madden has a monopoly on NFL video games, of course, but it’s still impressive how a game that is usually little more than a roster update manages to sell so well year after year.

EA is also killing it in the world of hockey games. NHL 13 just came out and was praised for its new skating physics. EA’s NHL games are regularly called the best sports games on the planet and it sounds like this year is no different. And, based on the latest reports from the NHL labor talks, it sounds like the only hockey that is going to be played this year might be of the video game variety.

One area where EA decidedly isn’t at the top of its game, though, is basketball. 2K Sports’ NBA 2K series is the reigning champ in that world. In fact, EA hasn’t made an NBA game since NBA Live 10, a fact that not everyone realizes.

That was supposed to change this year. EA was set to release NBA Live 13, but it sounds like things have hit a serious snag.

First, EA released a trailer for the game. People did not like it one bit. The graphics were mocked, as was the gameplay. Some commenters said that it looks like a PSP game. Ouch.

Now, the game’s release has apparently been delayed. It was rumored to coming out next month, in time for the start of the NBA season, but that will no longer be happening. Now, some are hinting that the game may be canceled entirely. If so, it wouldn’t be the first time EA has pulled the plug on an NBA game (it killed NBA Elite 11 back in 2010).

There are other rumors that the game will be scaled back and released as a download on the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Store.

So, it sounds like we have no idea when NBA Live 13 will come out, or if it will actually come out at all. What a mess.

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