Is Lolo Jones Dating Ndamukong Suh?

Remember Lolo Jones? You’re forgiven if you don’t. The 30-year-old hurdler was expected to emerge from the London Olympics as one of the U.S.’s biggest stars, mostly due to her exuberant Twitter persona and openness about her virginity, but she finished fourth in her event and, let’s face it, the Olympics are old news at this point.

Jones has found her way back into the headlines, for an unexpected reason. Yesterday, the gossip site MediaTakeout floated the rumor that Jones is dating defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh of the Detroit Lions. The two have apparently be spotted together at a few recent events.

On the surface, it sounds like a bizarre pairing. Suh is a hulk of a man who is best known for slamming quarterbacks to the turf in a needlessly violent fashion, stomping on heads when he gets angry and speeding and crashing his car (and making witnesses lie about it) when he’s not playing football. Jones, on the other hand, is a nice Christian girl who’s just looking for a man to settle down with–at least, that’s the persona she very deliberately puts out there.

Suh is said to be a deeply religious man, so the two do have something in common, but the truth here is likely that Suh and Jones are just friends. In fact, they may not even be more than business associates–the two share the same agent.

“We are not currently dating,” Jones said in response to the rumors. “However, if the Lions win the Super Bowl and he wants to use the ring to propose to me, then we’ll see.”

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