If The World Could Vote, It Would Elect Barack Obama – By A Lot

Remember when Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, despite not really doing anything worthy of such an honor? He didn’t start a new war during his first few years in office, but to say that he did anything significant to advance peace in the world would be a stretch. Even Obama himself seemed a bit puzzled by the whole thing.

Obama got that award simply because he’s not George W. Bush. Governments and citizens around the world were so happy that he got elected to office, and not George W. Bush or similar Republican, that they gave Obama the freaking Nobel Peace Prize. That’s how much the rest of the world hated Bush.

Now, a poll shows that people around the world aren’t exactly fond of Mitt Romney, either. More than 26,000 people in more than 30 countries were included in a straw poll and the results show that, if people around the world were allowed to vote in the U.S. presidential election, Obama would absolutely crush it. Romney only trails Obama by three to five percentage points in the domestic polls, but he trails by a staggering 60 percentage points around the word.

63 percent of respondents said that they would vote in a U.S. presidential election if allowed and a whopping 80 percent said that they would vote for Obama. There would be no more red or blue states in such a scenario. Obama would win the thing in the largest landslide in history.

The country most behind Obama is Iceland, with 98 percent of respondents saying they would cast a vote for the re-election of the POTUS. Other countries where more than 90 percent of the population supports Obama include Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, France, Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland, Finland, Italy and Turkey.

The only country that prefers Romney to Obama is Israel. Even Pakistan prefers Obama.

Of course, people around the world aren’t going to get to vote in U.S. elections anytime soon. Still, it’s an interesting thing to think about. 63 percent of people polled said that the U.S. president has a high or very high impact on their lives.

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