Why the Apple iPhone 5 is Disappointing, and Why it Doesn’t Matter

Yesterday our own Dave Woods called Apple’s new iPhone 5 the most disappointing iPhone ever. The comment stirred a lot of debate, but Dave certainly wasn’t the only analyst who felt that way.

“Overall, the device is a disappointment because it merely matches up to its competitors and showcases nothing revolutionary,” said ZDNet reporter, Ellyen Phneah.

The biggest problem with the iPhone 5 is simply that it doesn’t offer anything we haven’t seen somewhere before. Sure, it improves on a number of existing technologies, but simply lacks that one crucial feature capable of setting it apart from similar Android devices.

More specifically, the most disappointing part of the iPhone 5 launch may be the complete absence of “near field communications” technology, which would have allowed iPhone owners to use their smartphones as virtual wallets. Imagine this: going to pay for an item and simply swiping your smartphone instead of a credit or debit card. Very cool. Near field tech had been talked up a lot prior to the iPhone 5 unveiling, leading many industry insiders to expect its inclusion with the new device.

But no, we’ll have to go on carrying around both a bulky wallet and a smartphone. For those of us who don’t use a purse or European carry-all, that’s just downright frustrating.

Well, at least the iPhone 5 is both lighter and thinner than its predecessor, the iPhone 4S. The addition of a new processing chip should also make it substantially faster. And there’s little doubt that early adopters will find much use for the device’s new three-dimensional mapping and Siri voice recognition software.

In the end, it’s expected that what Apple has offered will be enough to drive consumers, like app-thirsty zombies, to Best Buy and Apple stores. Bloomberg news recently predicted that Apple will ship a pretty astounding 48.2 million units by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, analysts at FBI Capital have predicted that the iPhone 5 could help Apple’s share value hit $1,000 within the next twelve months. Following the iPhone 5 unveiling that stock price went up just over 1 per cent, to roughly $670. Even that number represents an increase of 65 per cent this year.

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3 Responses to Why the Apple iPhone 5 is Disappointing, and Why it Doesn’t Matter

  1. I think it’s silly to think every time there has to be something revolutionary in a device it’s improved in every way and the new design is more eye catching then the 4. NFC is still 2 to 3 years off of being great ask anyone in the banking industry and it has been hacked already so how safe is it. I think it’s a great update just not revolutionary and no Google phone can say that either.

    • It was a nice try. Like when a five year old draws their family. You don’t want to make fun of it because the twinkle in their eye tells you that it was literally the best they could do.

      However, apple has done this several times now so it’s like a 20 year old drawing the same thing but adding a sun in the background… It’s just sad.

      Enjoy the useless lightning cable (and you know you are going to BUY the adapter!!) and big screen. How long will it take app developers to include it. When I bought the iPhone 4 it took about a year for all the apps to go “retina”… Just such a bad community.

      Not to mention the “big” update was a couple APPLICATIONS. Sorry big boy, that’s not that impressive.

      I was an apple fanboi hard until they release the iPhone 4s. Seriously. It was always “I DON’T CARE ABOUT SPECS I JUST WANT IT TO LOOK NICE” and then The iPhone 4s… Pure spec bump. iPhone fans are the first to admit how tech-retarded they are and yet are ringing off useless specs. Ice cream sandwich completely eclipsed iOS and jellybean is about to make ios6 look like it is 5 years old…. No wait, it already does! Same damn layout. The part that gets to me is there are people dumb enough to think the iPhone is still even remotely good. There one simple reason it sells:

      I buy iPhone. Everyone I’ve seen with one loves it.
      I love it. I tell all my lame android friends how it never ever fails me. Meanwhile they cry all the time.

      I find out the reason it “never fails” is because it can’t actually do anything. I get rid of iPhone. Buy android. And my eyes are opened.

      Meanwhile my friends all think android sucks and buy an iPhone. … And the cycle continues. So if you think numbers are good enough (such a pathetic reason to back a phone ie this article “it doesn’t have to be good”) just wait until NEXT YEAR (yeah remember saying that a damn year ago?) when apple releases ANOTHER pile of trash. Eventually, Jesus not soon enough, people will realize that apple makes the worst products of all time. Yeah I’ve owned all of them (as in each type). They are so poorly made its pathetic they get such high appraise from ignorant college students and hipsters.