The Best Running, Passing And Defensive Plays In ‘Madden 13′

Getting beat too much when playing Madden 13 against your friends or online? It’s time to step your game up. There are hundreds of Madden tutorial videos on YouTube for ultra-serious Madden gamers who want to take a full course in how to play the game, but there’s something kind of pathetic about spending hours of your time watching other people play a video game. I know. I watched them.

I went through all the top Madden tutorial videos on YouTube and selected the best of the best for you to learn from. Add these plays to your repertoire and you’ll soon be turning your Ls into Ws.

Just remember that when I say the “best” plays, I mean the most consistent plays. No play works every time, but these are the plays that come closest. They don’t always get you an 80-yard touchdown, but they always get you solid yardage–and that’s how you win games. Bombing it deep every other play is for dumb kids. Sustained offense and smart defense are what get it done on Madden 13.

Best Running Play in Madden 13: HB Cntr Wk out of Strong Pro Formation

Need a couple yards on third down to make a first down? Halfback Counter Weak (HB Cntr Wk) out of the Strong Pro formation is the play to call. This play is highly effective and nearly always allows you to run for five or ten yards–if not a lot more.

The play works for the same reason that counter plays work in real life: it gets the defense flowing to the wrong side of the field. By the time you take the ball the other direction, the defense is out of position.

The extended handoff gives your blockers plenty of time to get into position and set their blocks, so you won’t run into the problem of your running back running into their backs. This play works best with fast running backs, but you don’t need to be Chris Johnson to make it work for you.

Best Passing Play in Madden 13: Bench (or Bench Switch) out of Ace Close Formation

This play isn’t impossible to defend (no play is), but it’s really hard to stop when executed properly. The two corner routes are your targets here, though the out routes that run under the corner routes are also reliably open. Make a quick read on the right or left (whichever is more comfortable for you) and throw it to the deep corner if your receiver has separation or the short out if the deep receiver is covered. If something gets busted on that side, just switch over to the other side of the field and do the same thing.

You can run this play from the shotgun or from an under center formation. Figure out which one works best for you.

Best Defensive Blitz in Madden 13: Smoke Mid Zone out of 4-3 Over Formation

It’s difficult to call one defensive play call the “best,” because your play calling on defense should really be dictated by what your opponent is doing. If he comes out in shotgun five-wide and throws quick outs every play, normal blitzes are probably going to leave your secondary pretty damn exposed.

This play is a good one to use if your opponent lines up in a fairly standard formation (two-wide or three-wide). When you call this play, you will want to make a couple of minor adjustments before the snap. Pinch your defnesive line together (DL Pinch) and then shift your linebackers to one side, usually the left (LB Shift Left).

The blitzer in this play comes through the A-gap, which means he comes right down the middle of the line. This is the fastest route to the quarterback, which gives your opponent a very short amount of time to get rid of the ball.

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  1. For the read option watch the DE on the side the qb would run to. If he stands up keep your snap button held to hand it off if he rushes in let it go for the keep.