Is Tim Tebow Going To Demand A Trade?

According to a report from Gary Myers of the New York Daily News, who cites a league source, Tim Tebow is unhappy in his current role as backup quarterback on the New York Jets and he plans to demand a trade.

Myers calls Tebow a “football-aholic” and says that his competitive fire will not allow him to remain a backup quarterback. He says that Tebow won’t cause a disruption during the season–he surely knows that this would harm the reputation he has spent so much time building–but he would ask out of New York if he isn’t the Jets’ starting quarterback by that time.

Based on current Jets starter Mark Sanchez’s impressive performance in a Week 1 win over the Buffalo Bills last weekend, Tebow might find himself riding the pine for a while longer.

Of course, one must ask the question of whether there’s a team in the NFL that would be interested in trading for Tebow. When the Denver Broncos started shopping him after the 2011 season, there were few takers. The Jets were able to acquire him for just a fourth-round pick.

It was rumored that the Jacksonville Jaguars had some interest in Tebow–they play near Gainesville, Florida, where Tebow is a legend, and he would have helped the team sell tickets–but the franchise decided to move forward with second-year quarterback Blaine Gabbert, a player coming off one of the worst seasons a quarterback has ever had, as its starter. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for Tebow.

Tebow is an energizing figure, for sure, but the evidence is mounting that he simply can’t succeed as an NFL starter. Plenty of players have come and gone who were “football-aholics.” Work ethic and believe in yourself are far down the list of the attributes that make up an NFL star.

For as much as Tebow loves God, he doesn’t seem to have been blessed with much natural quarterbacking talent. Brute strength and an uncanny ability to pull wins out of his butt, yes. An accurate arm and the ability to read a defense, not so much.

Ultimately, this might end up as a non-story. Tebow can demand a trade, but it’s a stretch to say that any team in the NFL will be willing to part with a draft pick for him–much less install him as a starting quarterback.

We are probably a lot closer to the end of the Tim-Tebow-as-and-NFL-player era than many of us realize.

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2 Responses to Is Tim Tebow Going To Demand A Trade?

  1. I have always thought Tim should transition to outside backer, and terrorize quarterbacks. I think that would be the only thing to rival his buzz of playing QB. The dude is definitely a beast. And if he doesn’t start getting 10-20 touches a game, but season’s end he will ask for a trade. It only seemed to me that Rex wanted to bring him in, “using” him to motivate Sanchez.

  2. Dear Tim Tebow, You suck! You are the most overrated 3rd string QB ever! The team that drafted you didn’t want you, your hometown Jaguars don’t want you either and are content with Blaine Gabbert who is almost as bad as you are but was a lest worth a 1st round pick and not all over the news despite being a comple pice of garbage at QB. Perhaps you should try motiviational speaking, a minster, or better yet a recluse monk, or just off yourself. Yours Truly, The Tebow Haters