Donald Glover Is Getting His Own TV Show

Despite the fact that it seems like every single person on the Internet loves NBC’s Community, the show doesn’t perform well in the ratings and it won’t be on the air for much longer. NBC ordered 13 new episodes of Community, but it stuck on show on Friday night (where shows go to die) and it’s an open secret that those 13 episodes will be the last we see of the Greendale crew.

It doesn’t sound like NBC is willing to give up on everyone involved with Community, however. Though the network recently fired Community creator Dan Harmon, TV Guide says that Community star Donald Glover is working on a pilot for The Peacock.

The sitcom Glover is developing, which still doesn’t have a name, is apparently based on his life. That sounds like a good idea, as Glover has had a pretty interesting life. He was raised in a family that took in many foster kids, attended art school, wrote for 30 Rock (and won an Emmy) and has experienced a significant level of success in the rap world as Childish Gambino. He also, if his rap lyrics are to be believed, has sex with a lot of attractive (and often Asian) young women.

NBC has pegged Glover’s pilot as a “put pilot,” which shows a level of commitment that goes beyond many other shows the network in development. If NBC decides not to air the pilot, it will have to pay a significant penalty.

Glover is expected to finish out this season on Community, so Troy and Abed fans don’t need to worry about him disappearing from their TV screens anytime soon. From the sounds of things, he’s going to be around long after Community goes off the air.

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