Watch Mike Francesa Fall Asleep On The Air (VIDEO)

Has radio host Mike Francesa been staying up too late at night? It sure seems like it, since he actually fell asleep while he was on the air the other day.

To be fair, whatever WFAN’s Sweeny Murti was talking about (something to do with the Yankees having something to prove) was super boring. Still, falling asleep while you’re live on the air isn’t exactly the most professional thing to do. No, it’s actually somewhere down near the bottom of the list.

But, that’s exactly what Mike Francesa appeared to do. The talk show host closed his eyes while listening to Murti and he was out like a light. When he woke up, he was clearly disoriented (maybe he was dreaming about a world where the Yankees are interesting) and he had to ask his show’s producer to tell him what was happening. He seemed to be confused about whether Murti was still on the line, or whether it was a new caller.

The whole thing is pretty funny and Francesa escaped without any major embarrassment. He’s lucky that he came to in time to get his bearings and pick up as if nothing had actually happened.

Update: Now in GIF form!

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  1. Charlotte Hannah
    Charlotte Hannah says:

    My money’s on Ambien.