The iPhone 5 Is The Most Disappointing iPhone Ever

The iPhone 5 is the best iPhone ever, sure. It’s also the most disappointing.

Perhaps the days of being stunned by what a phone can do are over. Now that seemingly everyone on the planet owns a smartphone and can connect to the sum of all information from locations as remote as the top of a mountain, maybe nothing will ever seem magical again. If true, it’s a sad day.

Apple unveiled its new iPhone this afternoon. It’s called the iPhone 5. We won’t go down the path of discussing the name. Yes, it’s the sixth iPhone and no, it isn’t dumb that it’s called the iPhone 5. For the first time since the late Steve Jobs started getting on stage to introduce the world to Apple’s new products, the event was a disappointment. It felt hollow and unsatisfying. It felt like something was missing.

What was missing wasn’t Steve Jobs. What was missing was a compelling new product.

The phone we saw today was the same phone that leaked weeks ago and it’s likely that fact played a big role in why today’s event was such a dud. It’s a beautiful design, for sure, but there’s nothing surprising or interesting about it. It’s the iPhone 4, but a bit taller.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that he planned to “double down” on secrecy to prevent his products from leaking ahead of their unveiling. He failed.

Far more disappointing than the fact that the iPhone leaked, however, is the fact that there’s nothing at all innovative about it.

The screen is larger (4 inches now, as opposed to 3.5 inches), but Android phones all got 4-inch screens over a year ago. The camera is a bit better, of course, but it’s not better in any way that really matters–we’re all used to each new generation of phones sporting incrementally better cameras. The phone can connect to a faster network–this time its LTE–but that was to be expected, too. The dock connector is smaller and faster… who cares? Same with the new processor. And the (barely) new screen technology. Everything is a bit better, but nothing is so much better that it’s notable. Nothing is new and nothing is exciting.

We saw this phone before it was unveiled because it leaked, but the leak really made no difference. You could have guessed exactly what the iPhone 5 would look like without any spoilers and been spot-on.

Gone are the days in which phone hardware was what mattered. Today, it’s the software that determines a phone’s value. And the software running on the iPhone, iOS 6, is lagging behind its main competitor, Android.

Apple unveiled not a single killer new feature in iOS 6 today. There will be no Android-style widgets on the iPhone 5–the extra screen resolution will be used for a fifth row of apps. Ho hum. There will be no innovative use of NFC (near field communication) technology, which means that the prediction that we will all soon use our phones as our bank cards and our keys looks to be delayed at least another year.

Apple’s big new feature is a revamped, proprietary version of Google Maps. Seriously. Beyond that, the only new features are inconsequential. I wouldn’t bother wasting my network data on this mapping software. You can now share your notifications on Facebook. Have fun with that.

There’s little doubt that the iPhone 5 will sell millions of units. People will likely line up at the Apple store or a service provider to activate iPhones. At this point, iPhone (and iPad) owners have bought enough apps that they are locked in to Apple ecosystem. The iPhone 5 just might go down in history as the least impressive device that Apple has produced in the 21st Century, though. Even the semi-disappointing iPhone 4S had one notable new feature, Siri.

What does this phone have going for it? It’s called an iPhone. That’s about it.

And that’s disappointing.

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  1. I agree totally. The lack of innovation since Steve Jobs died is staggering. Sure they are refining an already great product, but there are so many things to innovate. I do not believe that the days of being stunned by what a phone can do are over. On the banal side even a mini USB port or a larger hard drive would have been more exciting. They could have kept the same thickness as the 4S and used the extra space to improve battery life and storage. Siri itself could be increasing its repertoire of clever and witty answers on a daily basis. I worry that if things don’t change apple is in danger of becoming a microsoft.

    • This should have been the iPhone 4s not iPhone 5!

    • 9-12 is apple’s 9-11

    • For 200 bucks this is a rip off! Basically I think all the stuff that iPhone 5 has couldve just been in an update! What I didnt like about the phone is where they put the headphone plug. They put that on the bottom of the phone (it was better on the top) that’s why they made a smaller charger. And I like the fact that it’s only like 10% thinner and like 20% lighter! Like really that’s not much of a difference. I really don’t care how light it is I’m looking for cool features. If I was a developer for apple I could of made this phone better. Apple wasted their time and we now have to wait probably another year for a somewhat better phone! Apple always impressed me with their devices. But not this time! The whole world has been waiting this long and this is what we get a piece of junk. IOS 6 I think is going to be better than iPhone 5. And why did they call it iPhone 5? I don’t know. They should’ve called it iPhone 4s 2. I hope no one buys this phone. Everyone save your money for something else don’t waste it on this piece of junk.

    • Androidisjustbetter says:

      I used to have an Iphone, and for the longest time I was an Iphone fan. On fact I house he Galaxy s3 over Iphone 5… I got an android for the simple fact that it’s open source and a lot more customizable than Iphone. People can say what they want but the fact of the matter is Iphone was a great phone back before the Era of smartphones, now it’s just a phone. Apple has nothing that has “wowed” the market with this Iphone release. Some people live by Iphone because they own Macs, some just like the Iphone. If you look at the FACTS. Fact: Samsung Galaxy s3 crushed Iphone benchmarks. Fact: Iphone is playing g catch up with things like screen size, navigation, thinness, and speed. Fact: Iphone us not open source. Now android has flaws too, but as a consumer Iphone 5 is yesteryears phone. Everything they “added” with maybe the exception of a thing or two has been done. Siri is nice, but Google now, crushed that too. If your an Iphone fan be an Iphone fan. Trust me…. I’m not gonna lose sleep over people trying to beef up the Iphone when it’s old news. It’s been the same ugly design for years…..

  2. So let me get this straight. It has a larger screen, better processor (twice as fast), better camera, an extra camera, works faster due to the LTE network, and even a better speaker. I’m sorry, but these seem like major leaps forward and as someone who switched from Android to IPHONE, the best part is knowing that it will all work harmoniously.. unlike anything on the Android ever did.

    I think people are now gonna be upset if each iphone update doesn’t make them better looking and able to fly.

    • ^^^ Typical Fan boy response…. Apple was on the Tick/tock approach to iPhones. This kills that approach this is not a new phone it is just a tock. That is what Alex is getting at and that person who wrote this article. There is absolutely nothing wrong with android it works great. Android actually works better then the iOS in all the benchmarks that I have seen.

    • Twice fast is just a marketing term. If it means quadcores, it means almost the same power per core. Not many apps would utilise 4 cores any time soon. And even if it does, it will not be 2 times, but 1.7 times or so due to the overheads.
      It is “up to 2 times in ideal cases ignoring overheads”.

    • Maybe leaps forward for iPhones, but not for smartphones. Is the iPhone not competing against other smartphones? LTE has been around since early 2011 in phones, FFCs have been around longer than LTE. Processors and cameras have been incrementally updated as new devices are released as well, so those shouldn’t even be included as it’s a given that there should be a new chip and improved camera. A larger screen that other smart phones have had since 2009-2010? There is certainly nothing new about 4″ screens. It’s not that this isn’t an improvement on what they already had, it’s that it isn’t an improvement on other products already on the market, or soon to be on the market. In many cases, it’s a downgrade from most top end Android devices as far as functionality, features, and hardware.

    • try the Samsung galaxy 3s mate. it smashes iphones (from someone that has had a couple of iphones before). It maybe a step up from the 4s but it isn’t a step up from what the competitors like Samsung are offering. It is actually well below par in that respect.

    • Everything you point out as an improvement (larger screen, better processor, better camera, extra camera, LTE) Samsung’s 2011 Galaxy S2 already had. The Galaxy S3 even more so. Yes, the 5 is an improvement from the 4S, but it’s still behind the technology curve. No NFC. No widgets. Can’t download custom keyboards or galleries. Can’t download free music. Can’t download music emailed to your phone.

      …but, yes, it works more harmoniously, (except for the GS3)… because it doesn’t do nearly as much.

    • Sure you came from android, that’s what all the fanboys say. How about this, I use to own an iPhone 4, but sold it for an andriod phone along with my ipad. I just got tired of the closed walls and lack of freedom. I’m never going back to apple. Steave Jobs WAS apple.

    • Rubbish… admit it you couldn’t understand your android device… they are way late with these OLD features many phones have had for over a year… plus android can stream video from 98% of the web. NO PHONE CAN DO THIS

  3. How is it that the innovation apple claims to have is relatively posthumous? This is also completely disregarding the fact that some major existing technology such as the expected NFC chip is not available. I absolutely adore that iPhone owners (or soon to be) praise the most insignificant aspects especially if they have already been around on several other handsets for years. When a new iPhone is released, they feel as if they are freed from the limitations that apple themselves put in place to fragment their device. Do they not know that there are more and different phones than an iPhone? In reply to @Steven, a 4 inch screen is not really an advancement, but in comparison to modern handsets, it is a setback. My stance on micro processors remains the same towards all platforms. No processor upgrade should be considered as a selling point. It is the experience you receive, which is why a 2x better processor is not going to run angry birds any better than the iphone 4 or 3Gs. I also don’t think the iPhone 5 has an “extra camera,” or an upgraded camera to that fact; it is merely the same camera as the 4S except thinner. LTE, 4G, etc technology also has been around for a while, so it’s really sad that millions of users are finally going to experience what the non-“mainstream” user has had for a while. And btw @steven, I don’t think speakers get worse as phones advance…so maybe that was just a filler in your argument. What I’m trying to say from all this is that I am disappointed at the level of intellect that the average iPhone user possesses in relation to the real world of technology.

  4. iPhone 4S & 1/2 is disappointing. Still not even two speakers?

  5. Apple was more focused on suing Samsung rather than focused on being innovative. Suckers

  6. I agree wholeheartedly that this is a major disappointment. I write this as what some would call an Apple “fanboy,” but nonetheless someone that has owned iphones from the 3g, 3Gs, 4, 4S.

    Rightfully so, people were expecting Apple to release something if not revolutionary, something damn well close to it. The description by “oldorange” that this is an iPhone 4S & 1/2 is spot-on. That’s all this is. An evolutionary change, and one that’s a little late to the plate at that.

    Assuming that the 4-inch screen is acceptable for technophiles (I recognize that the iPhone is no longer cutting-edge enough to be a “technophile phone), why couldn’t Apple widen it within the confines of the form-factor and make it edge-to edge? With all this precision manufacturing couldn’t they preserve a 16:9 aspect ratio, if that was the goal, with a proportionately larger screen? Look at all the wasted space at the top and bottom.

    So what if there would’ve been any letterboxing if a larger screen wouldn’t permit that; we already have some bezel to contend with an a whole whack of people throw on cases that will add more width and “border” to the screen.

    Why aluminium? What about the liquid metal rumours? What about some sort of biometric input, like unlocking the phone with a finger print scanner built in to a new home button or something. Apple owns rights and/or corporations that specialize in the manufacture of both. That’s how Siri came to be on an iPhone…Apple bought a company called SRI that specialized in voice interaction with technology.

    The front fascia ostensibly hasn’t changed since 2007, save for maybe a front-facing camera. Why? The point here is there may be plausible answers to these questions within the confines of Apple’s roadmap of planned obsolescence and supply-chain confines, etc. etc., but what happened to the attitude of “you know it would be cool if…” that spawned the iphone in 2007.

    Yes, i’m rambling and complaining. Sure, the knee-jerk reaction would be “OK, so shut up and get an Android phone, or a Windows Phone 8 phone.” That’s what I’m going to do…but ultimately the sycophants ought to recognize that Apple is merely humoring everyone now–especially the loyal consumers that shot them to the top–and insulting them by their intentional lack of innovation.

    Sure, they revolutionized the smartphone. Sure, they arguably still king of the heap when it comes to sales of a single model of smartphone (not necessarily ubiquity of mobile OS–which title Android now owns). But now, someone above appropriately referred to them as Microsoft–BUT, I believe that would be best qualified as the Microsoft of old–the one they used to mock in their commercials with the young cool kid personifying apple, making fun of the square lame-o personifying Microsoft.

    What goes around comes around. APple is now vehemently locked into an OS they created but refuse to adapt and modify on the presumption that it’s nearly perfect. They refuse to stray from the core parameters set forth in 2007 on the arrogant presumption that this is how people wnat their phones to work. Sure, iOS is a marvel, but Android and Windows Phone 8 are demonstrating some very interesting developments and Apple remains mired in 2008 or 2009 and still insists on evolutionary changes that have already been developed in other OS’s. Apple is now that lame old guy in the commercial.

    And perhaps more appropriately–maybe with respect to the iphone line in particular–they ought to be compared to RIM. Give it 10-15 years and Apple will fail in the Smartphone business if they continue down this path. Granted, I’m more inclined to believe they have plenty in store, they are now in cruise control and will only kick in the afterburners when they need to.

    Blackberries are all but on the slow road to oblivion and I definitely see Microsoft and Google–and especially Microsoft, leveraging the ubiquity of its Windows desktop platform to dominance over the mobile OS platform when smartphone technology evolves to a point where you’re basically carrying desktop power with desktop capabilities.

    Check out the promo video on Samsung’s website for the upcoming Galaxy Note II and you’ll realize we’re damn near close to it. Fast forward 3 or 4 years from now when something like that will operate Windows Phone 11 or 12 that may be little different from its desktop counterpart. Imagine how useless an iPhone would be when you could have a portable desktop running itunes on it for those who insist on the apple-centric content.

    What good is as a simple app or game when I could potentially play a full blown PC game of Civilization 6–let’s say–instead of Civ Revolutions.

    Likewise, when it comes to tablets, if the upcoming Surface Pro turns out to be what it’s touted to be, the iPad is worthless. You’ll have a metro interface for when you’re out hiking and a desktop interface to utilize the full suite of Photoshop, LIghtroom, etc. to edit the photos you took. Granted, the Surface Pro will cost more, most technophiles with good jobs couldn’t care less.

    Microsoft could essentially kill off the tablet as we know it today, or start it on the road to doom, if the Surface Pro hits hard. Quite likely, 5-10 years from now, or maybe less, we’ll all look back and laugh at the tablet craze, because the ultrabook/laptop will just merge the two technologies and software like Windows 8, which sports two different interfaces (1 for touch and one desktop/conventional) will facilitate that.

    Anyways, that’s my rant. I’m sure you all get the point. Thanks for bullsh177ing us through a rehash of your June iOS6 conference Apple, with a scattered review of hardware we already knew about through leaks.

    • I really like your write-up. Neat and pragmatic.

    • RS12 – That’s probably the best summary I’ve read all day on any site.

    • I totally agree with RS12 and the article above… well, I own most Apple products made since 2007. I am ashamed.

    • That is the best reply I have ever read! I think you are right about Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. Microsoft saw what was happening in the mobile world and decided to squash it. The Integration between Windows 8, Windows RT 8, and Windows Phone 8 sharing the same NT kernel will change everything. If you want a platform for the future then jump on the Windows Phone 8 bandwagon as that will be the platform of the future. Windows 8 will run both apps as well as legacy programs and drivers which changes the ball game. It will be a tablet and computer fused into one and will probably render tablets based on mobile operating sytems obsolete! Can’t wait for the Nokia Lumia 920 and Surface Pro Tablet!

    • Yo RS12, I very much enjoyed reading that. It’s good to know there are open minded people out there.

  7. My wife had every iPhone iteration Apple released. I got the S3 and she used it for a few days. She got her own S3. Today, after she saw the disappointing iPhone 5, she is happier than ever.

  8. I knew it,As seen in the first post…people now will say that Apple was Steve Jobs only and make him a hero….hero of what?? of copying stuff and rushing patents of those first?

  9. This is the most disappointing iPhone yet, how long can apple keep selling the same phone to the masses before the masses realise, apples luck is going to run out pretty soon. I give them till they release their next phone, probably the iPhone 5s, once they fail to be innovative and stick to just upgrading everything we already know about the same damn iPhone, they are going under like black berry. Samsung is going to take over sooner than they should.

  10. Steven, @8:42pm. The camera isn’t better, it has the same MP and smaller sensor which will most likely produce images with more noise. John

  11. well … I just bought my new iphone 5. I expected something different, but I’m just disappointed! I learned that the display is from sharp, the camera from sony, and to complete the internal memory is from toshiba! the new iphone 5 and almost done with pieces from Japan! the only good thing in this story is the cheap price and nothing else..

  12. So sad! What happened Apple? Where is the creativity? You know that British designer who created the iPhone? He is just a little too design-conservative for the American public. Give me an edge-to-edge screen. Show me new materials. Something. I need a wow factor from Apple.

    I predict iPad will dominate tablet market share until the Microsoft Surface rolls out. In the mean time, Android will continue to dominate in the world of smart phones. Apple has this notion of design the best and then live with that instead of reinventing “best” after every few years.

  13. Wow, I wasn’t even aware it didn’t even have NFC. What a huge disppointment. I bought the genex a month ago. I thought I was going to regret my purchase when I heard the iphone 5 was coming out in a month!

    Boy, I can say that despite slightly lower specs, (5mp camera) I have no regrets. I have NFC, I use NFC. I also have a 4inch display with super amaoled. Not to mention gorilla glass 2. No microstorage space, but no proprietary dock connector either!

  14. Yep I agree 100% with this article. 20% bigger screen, 20% better battery life. So what? There’s no need for a big launch if it’s just incremental increases. So so disappointed and I used to be a HUGE apple fan I converted countless friends and my entire family to iPhones. Now I’m just embarrassed.

    Also, panoramic photos – just get the app photosynth
    Then by turn navigation – just get the whereis app

    I’ve had these both for years and they’re both free. There was actually nothing at all in that launch that got me excited at all. and they had DOUBLE the time to be innovative with the time-buying 4s release

    Fail apple fail

  15. Apple is playing catch up with what’s out there. Plain and simple. We are very strong apple defendants, but loosing faith. Don’t get me wrong, apple still better than android, all it takes is a little push , JAILBRAKE ! And enjoy your iDevice as it should be.
    Once you jailbrake, no android can compare.

    • Jailbreaking will not increase screen size nor will it give you a amoled screen. Just saying.

    • Anyone with the name 'Albert' is gay says:

      Don’t get you wrong? Hahaha I point and laugh at you fanboy. Only fanboys say one thing is better than another, and clearly you’ve reached the highest pedestal.

  16. Wow room for one more row of apps how innovating! Absolute technological geniuses! Okay enough of the sarcasm. But seriously? Even the most loyal Iphone users must feel quite underwhelmed. The specs on it aren’t substantial enough to even call this phone an upgrade. What about changing the user interface? Its been the same dull interface for years, or at least an option for personalization? Something tells me I won’t have to wait to see actual video comparisons like the S3/evo lte/etc. vs Iphone 5 to rule this phone not up to par with other Android devices. All this hype and no wow factor.

    • Very true Alex. Apple has stuck to ostensibly the same OS user experience since day 1 in 2007, with incremental changes and refinements. The experience is nonetheless the same or very familiar. But that’s not always a good thing. In the fast-paced technological world, familiarity breeds contempt, or at least boredom.

      What’ would have been so wrong with upping the screen size to be able to make way for widgets or some form of informative graphi on the lock screen??? Would that have meant taking a cue from Google–God forbid!!!

      Microsoft innovated with the live-tile interface, which in my opinion is pretty cool.

      But nope, Apple had to patronize and bullshi7 everyone with this notion of a stretched screen being “just the right size to fit in your hand and operate the phone with one hand.”. Sorry Apple, my hands aren’t the size of a 10 year-old’s and beleive it or not, people’s hands vary in sizes.

      Of course, the real reason is that they would’ve loved to have beaten Nuance software to the Swype keyboard hitch allows for large Droid units being operate with one hand or swift gestures across the keyboard.

      Also, there’s an abundance of written material out there that apple apparently didn’t wish to disturb the screen size at all because most apps were prepared with certain screen dimensions in mi d and they would all literally have to be revamped to fit the screen. So be it though; they would’ve caught up because if the iPhone 5 had a 4.5 inch screen with higher resolution millions of us would be clamoring to pre-order.

      No, Apple will ride iOS to oblivion. They’re going to go the way of the Blackberry, a phone and system once thought untouchable and now dying a slow death.

      Of course, they can pull the rabbit out of the hat, because I’m sure it’s there. I’m just not sure their timing and strategy will be right. This was a huge opportunity lost.

      Imagine owning an Android phone right now and next year or the year after Google’s Glass (glasses) become accessible for a decent price…imagine pairing those two devices and how that would enhance potentially so many aspects of life, from
      Driving, sight-seeing, watching movies and tv, etc. now that’s the kid of brave forward thinking innovation that Apple employed when they made the first iPhone. It’s about changing the game like they did before and apple just fumbled.

  17. I have owned every iPhone version and every version of iPad…I had all of them in my hands they day they were released….
    This was a disappointing upgrade as far as I am concerned (as we’re several others in between)…it should have been the 4.3S or 4T as it did not deserve a 5 Star rating!!
    Twice the speed, sorry, but whoever sits and edits Numbers charts on their iPhone all day should be re thinking how they are doing what ever they are doing and get an iPad or or a Droid tablet and make better use of their time…
    Bigger screen, really..not rally big enough to brag or write home about…
    Better camera…and higher res stills during video recording….Hmm…hmmmm…i do like my 4S camera as upgraded from previous models and frankly the camera was one of the only compelling reasons that I did upgrade from the 4 to the 4S…as all other aspects of the phone are more than adequate for Phone, Mail, Contact’s, the occasional Web surf etc….
    Not sure I will be dropping a penny on this one as I just can’t see the value….
    Very disappointing…In My Opinion!!

  18. My wife and I each have had iPhone 4’s (plural not the S) for a couple years. We also have iPad 2’s.

    We held off on the 4s, simply because we did not want to reup with AT&T for 2 more years just for Siri?

    Contract is expired, but per the article above we are semi locked in due to apps on both the phone and iPhone

    Which brings me to the many reasons I will not buy Apple again even though it will cost me.

    1) Apple’s Greed and Arrogance (abbreviated below as GAg)
    2) New product introductions every year with incremental changes that makes your existing phone/iPad that you just spent big $ suck.

    It was a HUGE mistake the 4s and 5 were released so close and with minimal incremental changes. Had they combined these they would have been better off.

    This is GAg at its best, Greed for wanting the revenue and stock bump and Arrogance for taking its customer loyalty and brand for granted.

    3) GAg again for not upgrading memory or for allowing you to upgrade memory: does anyone know how much 16gb USB thumb drive, which uses basically the same memory as the iPhone, cost in 2007 vs now … Dirt cheap

    4) GAg again for the changed connector. $30 for an adapter, another $30 for charging cables and 30$ more for other accessories to fit ( and oh ow I love how Apple prevents Chinese manufactures from making cheap working versions – search Amazon for 30 pin connectors and look at the reviews to see what I mean – this is Apple making it difficult not the alternate supplier making bad product)

    5) GAg again for the screen resolution – which means all my purchased iPhone 4 apps will not fit on the iPhone 5 so I will need to pay for upgrades (Not all apps charge for both iPad and iPhone versons but many do and Apple gets a cut)

    6) seriously did everyone forget about the 4s rumors before launch a year ago – bigger screen, 4G LTE, NFC. This would have been exciting then. Now it’s old news and old tech compared to the competition

    7) final reason. I am all for patent law and rights but Apple’s legal attacks on Samsung and others seem desperate and defensive, since they are no longer innovating, and they hate to follow even if others ideas are good, this leaves them little choice but to sue, if they want to keep us from jumping ship as their products are outclassed.

    The Decline of apple is coming and Steve Jobs is no longer here to come back and save the day…..

    • yes. just what I was thinking. Tim cook will be killed by Steve jobs in heaven when he dies. my interest to apple is slowly going away…

  19. apple today’s are refining an already great products after steve job died.

  20. Vinod Rowmuria says:

    May be… downtrend for Apple has started… who knows the future… iPhone 5 stands nowhere near Nokia Lumia 920 when compared for innovations… 🙂

  21. I like my iPhone 3G’s….

  22. I myself used to have different iPhone models 3, 3GS, and 4. But after seeing that the 4S wasn’t that different than the 4 I decided to go with an Android phone. After hearing about the iPhone 5 I’m also disappointed in Apple and very satisfied that I got the Samsung Galaxy S3 and didn’t wait for months.

    The iPhone 5 just looks weird, it’s taller but not wider. They’re removed Google Maps I think they’re removing YouTube as well. It’s changing the charger so you’ll have to replace all the chargers you may have for it. You’ll need to buy a new car charger and extra chargers if you want them. Adapter for $30 WOW amazon has

    • You know what, to be really honest i dont care about what iphone users are missing out on. Theres a saying, If we always do what we’ve always done, we will only get what we’ve already got! i just sent a google map with a destination where im heading on the weekend! to a friend, this is built into my galaxy note, not a bunch of apps ive had to put on to do this! try doing that on an iphone without a buch of paid apps or maybe you just cant do it!

  23. R.I.P for iphone

  24. Steve jobs is rolling in his grave, what a lame product, no creative thought, no courage, no imagination, I love apple, but am not wasting money on the 5.
    When the screen is 6 inches, has a projector, uses biometrics, etc I’ll buy one,
    This upgrade is a joke, Steve jobs was apple, he is dead, so is apple.

  25. …the new dock connector.



  26. A history lesson from the future: says:

    Sony’s arrogant need for absolute control of the superior Betamax LOST to the Inferior but ubiquitous VHS format


    Sega’s arrogant demand for absolute control of the superior Genesis LOST to inferior but ubiquitous Nintendo format


    RIM’s arrogant demand for absolute control of the superior Blackberry LOST to inferior but ubiquitous Apple


    Apple’s arrogant demand for absolute control of the superior iPhone LOST to inferior but ubiquitous Amdroid

    We learn nothing.

    • Exactly.

      And while he was a great innovator, a lot of this is Steve Jobs’ legacy. It was widely said he worked on the “next-gen” iPhone before he died. Either this was it, and it sucks. Or, it was some truly next Generaltion phone he strategized to hold off on to squeeze as many profits out of the current generation (the iPhone 5 is the current generation of 4, 4S, 5 as far as anyone with half a brain could be concerned).

      H jobs was around long enough to establish the trend of 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S.

      While I respect Jobs and his accomplishments, and fan of Jobs or not, this is his legacy as well.

  27. I am ANGRY at Apple:

    -The processor is not quad core but they wriggled out of it by saying ‘2x faster’

    – No NFC / iWallet

    – 8 MP Camera: what’s new…

    – Stretched display is wrong… WRONG

    – Ugly back

    – No fingerprint scanner

    – No ‘one more thing’ suprises

    There are too much bad points to mention about this underwhelming and mildy evolutionary at best phone… and what’s worse is how it came from a company that usually makes such wonderful and beautiful devices which I loved.

    Right, now I’m off to pre-order one lol; though I suspect this will be the last thing I buy from Apple looking at the way things are going.

  28. Frank Gregory II says:

    Having owned three previous versions of iPhone’s and Android phones, I don’t think I will be getting this one. I am disappointed that you can only use Bluetooth for earpieces or connecting to some car radios. You are not able to send pics, music, and videos to other phones, iPads, or Macbook Pros. This is bad enough in itself, but add the fact Apple refuses to add SD storage to their phones and iPads is ridiculous. I normally have Apple and Android/PC’s which I use at the same time and can say that my Galaxy s3 is better than this. As soon as Android makes a really great tablet, I will be getting rid of my iPad. I am tired of Apple’s arrogance and paying premium prices for inferior specs and the lack of being able to customise and personalize their products even though they make great looking products.

  29. I admit that I am an apple fan. but this is just depressing. apple is just recycling terrible designs Steve jobs didn’t/ would never have like. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m not gonna buy an iPhone. I’m not saying I will get an android phone though. google is just more innovative now. sorry apple, your fortune is gone.

  30. The average customer doesn’t not care about specs… period point blank… Apple’s entire marketing campaign is based on that fact… they mention small details of specs that will generate a buzz amoungst the faithful customers… I know this to be true because I have work experience in marketing with major companies that use this approach so it isn’t new… more importantly.. apple knows that better options exist and they aren’t scare of any other product especially not android with it inconsistances throughout the OS. But there is a one competitor they are preparing for …

    Its the WIndows OS… I know this to be a fact and not opinion… Windows OS has been disected by true IT personel and they all same the thing… Windows is King… but the return rate of windows devices is high due to the fact its not popular and just like the music business … consumers buy what everyone else buys… Apple will run its cycle and fade out like every other product in the history of any business but for now they win the battle.. All of your comments are valid… But this is info from within… Windows (phones) may never catch on like apple because its just in the wrong time and era of smart phones…. But Iphones are not smart phones … THEY ARE JUST APP LAUNCHERS with the best media experience avaliable on phone…… Consumer picks the apps they want … Its like unlimited data… you aren’t going to ever get to use it but its just a peace of mind to know that the word UNLIMITED is somewhere on your bill…. no adult is going to use unlimited apps but they just want to the peace of mind to say i can download 700,000 apps ….. LoL

    AND thats the secret to the iPHONE…

    Has nothing to do with better… just consumer awareness… Everyone with a brain knows that Iphones are inferior to Windows and Android… but money is the key….. there are more PC users in the world because they are safer and cheaper… and before you we get supid with uneducated comments… windows is safe and hackers of the world hack the majority and not the minority… apple computers are just a spec in the computer world… and for that fact ….apple will never be bigger than windows PC’s ……but phones…. america subsizes the cost for contracts… in other countries 650.00 before tax for a phone will never be in most hands… is not financially possible now…

    its doesn’t matter who believes what… there is always a truth about things… I have read docs…. did research and met with true users and not just average app downloaders.. its the same ol’ same… windows is easier and safe, android gets free music, and iphone is an app launcher with the best media experience..

    Pick One

    just think about what I just wrote…. is just this simple…

  31. it’s OVER
    bean counters, lawyers run the company now
    Timmy is a puppet with broken strings
    it was a great ride while it lasted
    RIP SJ

  32. Um, Apple Fans….please remember that no matter what, you are not to think, reason, question, or have an opinion, but rather just buy the latest Apple offering without a second thought.

    If you do not, Apple will sue you for being bad, bad, disloyal lemmings, er I mean, fans. So please do your due diligence and pre-order the beautiful, magnificent, glorious, revolutionary, innovative, amazing, technologically-advanced, marvelous, and life-changing iPhone 5.

  33. I used to love my iPhone. Those days are over. Bottom line is Apple got a mile long head start in the smartphone race and squandered it. With multiple manufacturers pumping out new and improved Android based hardware every month while apple toils away a year to release a phone with no real need options that android users have had for the better part of a year, this war is already won by android. Way back apple chose to believe it was the hardware and lost to Microsoft and the pc. Now yet again apple shows they learned nothing. Open source / multiple hardware vendors will ALWAYS win in the long term. At this point Apple seems content to ride the fan boy/fangirl for as long as possible until eventually they return to being essentially a niche product
    Innovation always wins, its what spurned the appear revolution and its what will kill it. It should be obvious that that one company cannot compete long-term with numerous companies also trying to push the envelope….its basic math

  34. I just got the phone today and I am already disappointed in everything about the phone.
    1. Screen seems abit weirdo (can’t describe what that is… But it is odd… very)
    2. Screen is too tall
    3. No exciting feature
    Many more…
    I am thinking of returning… Not good not good…

  35. I had the j phone 5 and have it back back to my I phone 4 s first the I phone (?looks very cheap and I am was waiting for this day shame on apple for some ugly phone

  36. holly dewsbury says:

    I agree, I’ve just got my iphone 5, syncd everything and BOOM. Disappointed , unbelievably so. What a waste of time , to add insult to injury, my bose sound dock no longer supports the 30pin and I have to purchase a connector (That looks lame,FYI , thats in WHITE when my phone and slick dock are in black FYI). I’m an Apple advocate but even I, am saying this phone and it’s “new features” (which are old and hardly life changing) suck big time. Apple. We want a refund and compensation for wasting our time.

  37. Apple IHPONE 5 is perfect says:

    I read all of these arguments and it is obvious that everyone here is totally biased and probably paid to object to the IPHONE 5…….We bought over 200 of the IPHONE 5 and
    we love them all……….Android uses are becoming what Mac fanatics used to be. Only they were right when it came to their computers………Mac people then were nuts, and now Android people must be drinking the same water. Why do you not all go take a shower and collect your pay from google for making assinine comparisions. Just buy your Android and quit moaning……….if you do not like it, then just be quiest……..Android geeks are far worse than
    Mac geeks used too be