Apple To Introduce iTunes 11 In Addition To iPhone 5 Today

Everyone knows that the next version of the iPhone will be introduced at the Apple event in Cupertino, California today. We know what the new iPhone will look like and we now know that it will, indeed, be called the iPhone 5 (despite the fact that, technically, it’s the sixth iPhone).

Apple will make some other announcements today, however. We’re likely to see new versions of the iPod Touch and the iPod Nano. Those two devices will probably just get spec bumps, or maybe price drops, so they aren’t really anything to get excited about.

One product that will likely see an update that is worth talking about is iTunes. The guys over at The Verge have discovered some search results on Apple’s website that seem to confirm that a new version of iTunes, iTunes 11, will be unveiled today.

What new features will be see in iTunes 11? It would be nice to finally see a complete redesign of the app. Unlike everything Apples strives to stand for, iTunes is bloated and completely inelegant. In many ways, its a chore to interface with that program. Even Apple fanboys seem to have iTunes across the board. A new, much cleaner UI would be a big step forward.

If Apple really wants to make a splash, perhaps we will finally get the long-rumored subscription music service the company is said to be considering. To date, Apple has preferred its users to purchase their music and it has avoided the subscription-based business model of services like Spotify and Rdio. A service where users pay a low monthly fee and have access to all kinds of music in the cloud would be cool to see.

We’ll find out exactly what’s in the new version of iTunes when the Apple event begins at 1 p.m. ET today.

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  1. No. iTunes will still suck. Why would Apple waste time improving it when no one who is likely to buy an iPhone stops first and thinks “Gee iTunes isn’t that great, maybe I should get an Android phone instead.”